Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

The Duke's Emporium: Shop Guide

This is a guide on the Duke's Emporium, the shop in Resident Evil Village. Game8's got you covered on all the information on buying and selling weapons and items, upgrading weapons, increasing inventory space, and how to upgrade stats.

The Duke's Emporium


The Duke

The Duke's Emporium is Resident Evil Village's shop, similar to the Merchant from Resident Evil 4, but with some added perks. The Duke's Emporium allows the player to stock up on ammo and healing items, sell treasures they find, buy weapons, upgrade their equipment, increase their inventory space, and buy recipes that allow for crafting things such as different ammo types.

Buying Supplies

The Duke

The currency in Resident Evil Village is Lei. In exchange for Lei, you can buy weapons, ammo, healing items, baggage that increases inventory space, customizable parts to upgrade weapons, and recipes for crafting under the Supplies menu at the Duke's Emporium. For a full list of supplies, check out the guide below.

List of Supplies: All Shop Items


Crafting Screen.png

Recipes allow you to craft various items such as ammo, which will be an essential part of gameplay in Resident Evil Village. To craft items, you will need to obtain the recipe first. Recipes can be bought from the Duke's Emporium, so periodically check the shop for their availability.

List of Crafting Materials and Recipes

Upgrade Weapons at the Gunsmithy

The Duke
The primary way of upgrading equipment is at the Gunsmithy. Spend Lei to upgrade your weapon's power, rate of fire, reload speed, or ammo capacity. Note that you can also buy customizable parts for weapons under Supplies as a secondary way of upgrading your gear.

List of Weapons

The Duke's Purse and Selling Items

Resident Evil Village Crimson Glass.png

By selecting the Duke's Purse, you can sell items in exchange for Lei. Treasures that can be found throughout the game are very valuable, and enemies will also drop Crystal Skulls which can be sold at a high price. For more information on sellable items, check out the guide below.

List of Sellable Items

The Duke's Kitchen

Resident Evil Village Recipe Screen.jpg

In Resident Evil Village, you will find various animals to hunt throughout the game. By hunting, you can gather ingredients for recipes that will grant permanent stat boosts, such as decreased damage taken while blocking. This is a significant addition to the shop system and will add some variety to the overall gameplay loop.

List of Recipes List of Ingredients and their Locations

The Duke's Emporium Locations

It's important to know when and where you can stock up on items and upgrade your equipment, so keep in mind the five different areas the Duke shows up in listed below.

Area In Game View Map
The Vineyard
Castle Dimitrescu
The Altar
Reservoir Gate House
Heisenberg's Factory

New Stock Available in New Game Plus

Upon beating the game and starting a new game, you will find new wares in the Duke's shop! New Game Plus will give you new crafting recipes and weapons attachments. The Duke just keeps on giving if you have the Lei for him!
New Game Plus Guide

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