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Old Hag Character Profile

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A mysterious old woman who speaks in riddles and hides behind veiled meanings, the Old Hag is one of the many faces to be interacted with in Resident Evil Village. Who is this old woman, and why is she alive in a Village where many are dead?

Old Hag: Basic Information

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Name Old Hag
Role Mysterious Villager
Voice Actress Carol Stanzione

A mysterious villager who appears at different points throughout Ethan's journey. An unassuming woman who utters strange sayings to him, she seemingly helps Ethan along, leaving clues to the whereabouts of his daughter.

Old Hag Profile and Backstory

Warning: This secton may contain spoilers!

The First Villager

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As he steps out from a fight for his life, Ethan meets The Old Hag for the first time – the first named Villager who he meets. Throughout his journey, he meets The Hag several more times, with each time being ones where she provides him clues as to the whereabouts of Rosemary.

The Truth About the Hag

After Ethan's fight with Heisenberg, Mother Miranda appears, taunting him with allusions to the fate of his daughter.

As her powers work to raise Mold-like trees all around, we see her shift from form to form – shifting one time into the form of The Old Hag herself.

She had been helping along Ethan all this time, providing him with riddles clues, with one of the times she meets him being when he gains the key he would go on to use to get into each lord's domains to get the parts of his daughter.

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