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This is a list of weapons that you can use for Resident Evil RE:Verse! Learn about the different weapons in the game and which are the best to use to win your matches.

List of Weapons

Standard Weapons

Standard Weapons
Samurai Edge Icon.pngSamurai Edge Matilda Icon.pngMatilda Quickdraw Army Icon.pngQuickdraw Army
Broom Hc Icon.pngBroom Hc MUP Icon.pngMUP -

List of Standard Weapons

Personal Weapons

Personal Weapons
CQBR Icon.pngCQBR W-870 Icon.pngW-870 MQ 11 Icon.pngMQ-11
Crossbow Icon.pngCrossbow LE 5 Icon.pngLE 5 -

List of Personal Weapons

Special Weapons

Special Weapons
GM79.pngGM79 MGL.pngMGL Rocket Launcher.pngRocket Launcher
Spark Shot.pngSpark Shot - -

List of Special Weapons

Best Resident Evil RE:Verse Weapons

Here is our tier list for the best weapons in Resident Evil RE:Verse. Check out the guide below for the top personal, standard, and special weapons in the game!

Best Weapons

Standard Weapon
Quickdraw Army Icon.pngQuickdraw Army
Personal Weapon
Special Weapon
Rocket Launcher.pngRocket Launcher

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