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How to Beat Urias the Giant Werewolf | Boss Fight Guide

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This is a guide on how to beat Urias, a boss in Resident Evil Village. This Urias Boss Fight Guide will explain his attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat him!

Urias Basic Information

Urias Icon.png
Drops Crystal Hammer
Weaknesses None

Complete the Up Urs! Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Up Urs! Reward: Under investigation.
Defeat Urias in the stronghold.

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Urias Boss Fight Tips

Boss Fight Tips
Use plenty of explosives for this fight.
Run away when it attempts its Jump Attack.
Run or hide behind rocks or columns when it picks up and throws pillars at you.
Deal with the backup Lycans quickly.
Use heavy weapons to end the fight faster.

Urias Location

Map Image World View

After fighting through a horde of Lycans, including an Armored Lycan in the Stronghold, you'll be able to face off against Urias. He is a werewolf that wields a giant hammer which he uses as a weapon that deals obscene amounts of damage. He has no apparent weaknesses, with nothing else but shooting him with everything you have seeming to work.

Attack Patterns

Urias - Attack.png
Urias only really possesses three kinds of attacks – a jumping attack from above, which he can also do while on the ground, a basic hammer swing with a spinning attack variant, and one where he uses and throws the pillars in the area against you. These are avoidable but do possess a small area-of-effect range, so keep your distance.

How to Beat Urias

Use Explosives

Urias - Use Explosives.png
Whatever explosives you still have on you – be it Mines, Explosive Rounds, or Pipe Bombs – use it all against Urias. Simply shooting at him with all your guns is simply not enough, and you'll need all your ammunition when the beast calls on Lycans to aid him.

Keep Your Distance

Urias - Keep Your Distance.png
All of Urias' attacks have good reach, and you should avoid all of them – one good strike can bring your health down to red, making you easy pickings for the giant when you start moving slowly. When he moves, whether in preparation for an attack or just to simply move closer to you, you should also get out of the way.

Most of his attacks are up close, but he has one attack where he picks up and throws pillars at you. You can avoid these by immediately running towards the opposite side of the U-bend you fight in, or simply moving behind another pillar.

Avoid Its Jumping Attack

Urias - Avoid His Jumping Attack.png
Urias will commonly go up to the small plateau in the middle of the area. He most usually calls on his Lycans to assault you, preparing to jump in the air to strike his hammer down on top of you while you're distracted with dealing with his helpers. As soon as you see him crouch, run away.

Quickly Kill the Lycans

Urias - Deal With The Lycans.png
Every so often, Urias will jump up to the plateau in the center of the area to call for aid. You must quickly kill these Lycans that come down, as they serve as a distraction against you while Urias moves in closer for a kill.

Recommended Weapons

W870 TAC - Resident Evil Village.pngW870 TAC M1911 - Resident Evil Village.pngM1911
GM 79 - Resident Evil Village.pngGM 79 M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane
Mine Icon.pngMine Pipe Bomb Icon.pngPipe Bomb

What matters a great deal more than just possessing these weapons is how much you can get out of them. Bring as much ammunition and explosives as you can, as these will dictate how easily your fight against Urias will be.

Make heavy use of the mines to lay traps for Lycans and against Urias himself. Pipe Bombs are a good alternative, particularly in situations where you manage to get away from him after you "dodge" his hammer strikes. Alternatively, using the grenade launcher against him disrupts his attacks, causing him to stumble.

Once he receives enough damage, he will kneel, although this rarely happens. Hammer him with your weapons then.

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