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Mia Winters Character Profile

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The former handler of Eveline and wife of Ethan Winters makes a return in Resident Evil Village. Having taken up the role of a mother, Mia is content in her life with Ethan and their newborn baby, but the events of the Baker family estate cannot be so easily forgotten. Read on to learn more about Mia Winters!

Mia Winters: Basic Information

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Name Ethan Winters
Role Rosemary Winters' Mother
Voice Actor Katie O'Hagan

While under the control of the bioweapon Eveline, Mia was one of the main antagonists during the events of Resident Evil 7. However, she has since turned her life around and has had a daughter with her husband, Ethan.

Mia Winters Profile and Backstory

Warning: This secton may contain spoilers!

Resident Evil Survivor

Mia was a former operative for The Connections, a secretive organization with intentions to make a bioweapon not unlike that of the projects once made at Umbrella Corporation. During the events of Resident Evil 7, Mia was thought to be lost until Ethan came and found her at the Baker Estate. Both were then rescued by Chris Redfield and have survived under B.S.A.A. protection since then.

Rosemary's Kidnapping

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As they settle in for a quiet night, gunshots wreck the Winters' home, and we see Mia gunned down to her death. Chris appears, taking Mia and Ethan's daughter Rosemary.

Her daughter, while in transit to whatever place Chris had deemed necessary, was intercepted along the way and kidnapped, forcing Ethan to find her.

Mia's Death

From the very beginning, we see Mia being gunned down by Chris Redfield in the Winters' home. However, this was not the true Mia, only a mimic of her.

Mother Miranda had kidnapped and hidden away the real Mia Winters in the bowels of The Village in her personal laboratory, using her abilities of mimicry to take her place beside Ethan Winters in the Winters' residence.

Chris later finds Mia alive, and soon after becomes a widow with Ethan's sacrifice. She goes on to raise Rose, who goes on to live a life of her own.

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