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RE:Verse Tips and Tricks

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Welcome to the tips and tricks front page for Resident Evil RE:Verse. You can find various guides here that will help you in mastering RE:Verse!

RE:Verse Tips and Tricks

What Is RE:Verse?

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Resident Evil Re:Verse is an online PVP game featuring various playable characters and biological weapons from throughout the Resident Evil Series. Check out the official trailers to learn more about what kind of gameplay to expect!

List of Trailers

Getting Started

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While the full version of Resident Evil Re:Verse will be included when purchasing Resident Evil Village, an open beta version of Re:Verse is accesible to all PS4/PS5, Xbox (One/Series X/S), and PC gamers for free, as long as you have registered for a Capcom ID. Note that for Playstation and Xbox gamers, a Playstation Plus or Xbox Live membership is required to play.

Beta Information and How to Register How to Download and Play RE:Verse

Beginner's Guide


When you are just starting RE:Verse, there are many different elements you need to be aware of such as item location, character skills, and game mechanics. For a complete guide on all the essentials of Resident Evil RE:Verse, check out our beginner's guide below!

Beginner's Guide

Adjusting Your Gameplay Settings

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Once you begin playing RE:Verse, your starting settings will several features that you may want to change. Most noticeably, there is a comic filter that gives the game a unique look. It can be turned off from the options menu. For a step-by-step guide on how to adjust your initial settings, check our guide below!

Best Gameplay Settings

Map and Item Locations

Check the detailed map below to see what items spawn at the Raccoon City Police Department!

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