Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8)

List of All Enemies and Monsters

Here is the complete guide to all enemies and monsters in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Are some enemies proving too much to handle? Check for details on enemy weaknesses, how to beat them, where they are located, and more!

List of All Regular Enemies

Regular enemies are monsters that can be taken down by Ethan when encountered. Although these enemies can be killed, that doesn't make it necessarily easy. Check our enemy guides for tips on enemy weaknesses!

All Regular Enemies

Lycan.pngLycans Weaknesses Item Drop
Head and leg shots Lei
Rusted Scrap
Chem Fluid
Crystal Skull
Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Weaknesses Item Drop
Shotgun Blasts
Perfect Crystal Skull
Varcolac Icon.pngVarcolac Weaknesses Item Drop
Shotgun Blasts
Magnum Shots
Crystal Beast
Moroaica Icon.pngMoroaica Weaknesses Item Drop
Head and Leg shots
Rusted Scrap
Chem Fluid
Crystal Skull
Samca Icon.pngSamca Weaknesses Item Drop
Sniper Fire
Shotgun Blasts
Crystal Wing
Soldat Icon.pngSoldat Eins Weaknesses Item Drop
Red Chest Piece
Head Shots
Crystal Mechanical Heart
Zwei Icon.pngSoldat Zwei Weaknesses Item Drop
Red Back Piece Large Crystal Mechanical Heart
Soldat Jet Icon.pngSoldat Jet Weaknesses Item Drop
Red Chest Piece
Large Crystal Mechanical Heart
Soldat Panzer Icon.pngSoldat Panzer Weaknesses Item Drop
Magnum Shots
Perfect Crystal Mechanical Heart
Hauler Icon.pngHauler Weaknesses Item Drop
Headshots Lei
Chem Fluid
Polycrystal Skull

List of All Bosses

Main Bosses List

List of Bosses

Optional Bosses List

List of Optional Bosses Banner.png

List of Optional Bosses

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Don't mention fetus baby I hate that thing👿👿👿

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Is it really an enemy if 1 you can’t fight it? and 2 it was never actually real to begin with?


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