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ReVerse Survivors and Character List

This is a list of playable characters (Survivors) for Resident Evil Re:Verse! Learn about the different characters you can play as, as well as their main weapon, skillset, and game origin.

List of Survivors

Playable Characters

Survivors Weapons Passive Skill Origin
Chris RedfieldChris Redfield Samurai Edge
Pride of the Original Eleven Resident Evil
Jill Valentine.pngJill Valentine Samurai Edge
Last Escape Resident Evil
Leon S. Kennedy.pngLeon S. Kennedy Matilda
Rookie Spirit Resident Evil 2
Claire RedfieldClaire Redfield Quickdraw Army
Speedloader Resident Evil 2
Ada WongAda Wong Broom Hc
A Spy's Wisdom Resident Evil 2
HunkHunk MUP
LE 5
Tragedy of the Reaper Resident Evil 2

These are the characters currently playable in the Open Beta of Resident Evil Re:Verse. Note that more characters may potentially be added in later!

Character Tier List

Here is our character tier list for the best characters in Resident Evil RE:Verse. For details on each character ranking, see our guide below!

Best Survivor Tier List

S Rank Icon Chris Redfield (Thumb) (1) (1).pngChris Redfield Jill Valentine.pngJill Valentine
A Rank Icon Hunk (Larger) (1).pngHunk Leon S. Kennedy.pngLeon S. Kennedy
B Rank Icon Claire Redfield.pngClaire Redfield
C Rank Icon Ada Wong.pngAda Wong

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