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All Combination Lock Codes

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This is a guide to all the combination lock codes found in the game Resident Evil Village. Read on to learn where you can find these locks, their solutions, and the rewards and obtainables you get for unlocking them!

Workshop Cabinet Lock Combination

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Code: 070408


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This lock is in the shed at the workshop in the village. Upon reaching The Village after beating Lady Dimitrescu, you will be able to go through the house to the Maiden of War statue's right. After going through the stable at the back of the house, you will encounter a tractor. Turn left, and you will reach the workshop.


Workshop clue.jpg
The hint to the code is on the back of the picture on the table. It reads, "Look out the window." Standing at the right side of the window and looking out of it will show you the combination numbers.

Rewards and Obtainables

Resident Evil Village Jack Handle
Jack Handle
M1911 Icon - Resident Evil Village.png
M1911 Handgun

Unlocking the cabinet will give you the Jack Handle and the M1911 Handgun. The Jack Handle is required to progress through the game. The M1911 is a better handgun than the LEMI.

Doll Workshop Door Lock Combination

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Code: 052911


Doll Workshop location.jpg
When looking for the Rose Jar in the basement of House Beneviento, you will be locked in the Doll Workshop. Opening the lock is required to escape.


Doll Workshop puzzle.jpg
This lock will require you to go through a few steps to find the code. You will need two items: the Blood Covered Ring, from the left hand of the doll, and the Silver Key, from the compartment inside the doll's right shoulder.

Open the Medicine Room using the Silver Key. You will find a sink in the room, open the faucet and use the Blood Covered Ring in the water to wash it. You will now obtain the Wedding Ring. Inspect the Wedding Ring to find the code.
How to Solve the Doll Puzzle

Maestro's Collection Cabinet Lock Combination

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Code: 270917


This lock is in Luthier's house found in the West Old Town of the village. It is the house with a padlocked gate with a note attached. Break the padlock and use Luthier's Key to get inside the house.


Near the lock will be a note. The note talks about the house owner not being able to forget his daughter's birthday. This note is the clue for the lock. You will find a drawing that says Happy Birthday and a date on the wall to the left when entering the house. The drawing's date is the code you will need.

Rewards and Obtainables

Resident Evil Village Steel Hraesvelgr.jpg
Steel Hraesvelgr
F2 Rifle - High Capacity Mag..png
F2 - High Capacity Mag.

Unlock the cabinet and be rewarded with the Steel Hraesvelgr, a valuable treasure, and F2 - High Capacity Mag., an attachment for your F2.

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