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April 15, 2021 Showcase Summary: What We Learned

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This page details the highlights of the recent and final Resident Evil Village Showcase which gave a sneak peek at the future of Resident Evil franchise. Everything currently known about Resident Evil Village will be summarized here, so be sure to check out everything shown about RE8!

Resident Evil Showcase - April 15, 2021

Broadcast Time April 15th
3:00 PM PST | 10:00 PM GMT
Time Needed About 20 Minutes

New Resident Evil Village Game Info

・Gameplay Demo ・Mercenaries Mode

Gameplay Demo

Resident Evil Village Demo Schedule.png
Tsuyoshi Kanda, a producer of Resident Evil has announced limited-time gameplay demos! There are two different versions of the demo, "8 hours in Village", an hour-long early access demo exclusive to the PS4 & PS5, and a 24-hour demo that is available for all platforms! The different demos will have different schedules. Each demo will be playable for a total 60 minutes each.

Mercenaries Mode

The Mercenaries Mode.png
Director Morimasa Sato has finally announced a long-requested game mode that will be included in Resident Evil Village, The Mercenaries Mode!

This fan-favorite mode will feature action-packed combat against the various enemies encountered in Resident Evil Village. Check out our guide below for more information on the game mode!
The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries Mode Gameplay Features

・What is Mercenaries Mode? ・The Shop
・Customize your Guns ・Power Up Abilities

What is The Mercenaries Mode?

Mercenaries Mode Gameplay.png
A beloved mode returning to the Resident Evil franchise, this fast-paced arcade-style game mode focuses on killing enemies in a limited amount of time and heading to a goal to reach the next area! With new features introduced in this new iteration that is included for free in Resident Evil Village. To unlock the mode you will have to complete the main game first.

The Shop

Mercenaries Shop.png
A new feature to the Mercenaries mode is the Duke's Emporium! In between the areas you can use the money you earned to buy items, weapons, and upgrades for your weapons. With different items, weapons, and upgrades to buy and limited money, you will want to choose carefully and make sure you are prepared for the next area!

Customize your Guns

Weapons Customization.png
You can customize your guns by upgrading their different stats. With the different weapons and different ways of upgrading, Mercenaries mode will offer you different ways of tackling its challenges!

Power-Up Abilities

Another new addition to the mode is Abilities. They are power-ups that you can find around the areas that allow you to choose one of three different passive effects that will give you an edge when fighting the monsters. Some of the Abilities you will be able to acquire are increased damage with guns, increased movement speed, and increased defense! Getting the right abilities to compliment your weapons will be a key strategy in Mercenaries mode!

What to Expect in 2021

・New Netflix Series ・Resident Evil 4 VR
・Dead By Daylight Crossover

Resident Evil Netflix Series

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness
The showcase revealed that Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is going to be a CG animated series coming to Netflix this July. The series is going to be set 2 years after the Racoon City Incident, with Leon and Claire battling another outbreak in the White House.

Resident Evil 4 VR

Resident Evil 4 VR.png
Another announcement of the showcase is the reveal of the VR release of Resident Evil 4. A favorite of the Resident Evil series is finally going to enter the future of gaming that is Virtual Reality. More details will be revealed at the Oculus Gaming Showcase on April 21st PST!

Dead By Daylight Crossover

Dead by Daylight Crossover Resident Evil.png
The Game Director of DBD (Dead By Daylight) has announced that they will be bringing Resident Evil to the DBD universe. DBD will have their 5th anniversary broadcast on the 25th of May to reveal the Resident Evil chapter of the 4v1 multiplayer game.

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