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Geologist Achievement Guide

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This is a guide to completing the Geologist Challenge in the game Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). To know more about this challenge and tips on how to clear it, read on!

What is the Geologist Challenge?

Challenge Requirements
★Geologist Reward: 10000 CP
Shoot down 15 different valuable minerals.

The Geologist Challenge is one of the Challenges in Resident Evil Village. The Challenge is to shoot down 15 different minerals in the entire Village.

What are Minerals?

Crystal Fragment Icon.pngCrystal Fragment Large Crystal Icon.pngLarge Crystal Vivianite Icon.pngVivianite Yellow Quartz Icon.pngYellow Quartz

Minerals are valuable Treasures that can be found in the Village. These can be sold to the Duke for Lei.

The Duke's Purse | List of All Sellable Items

Mineral Locations

On the Maiden of War Statue

As soon as you enter the Village, you will see the Maiden of War Statue in the center. In the eye of its shield is a Crystal Fragment.

Above the Altar in the Church

Available as soon as you enter the village. Enter the church and look above the altar to find a Crystal Fragment.

In the Elevator Room of Castle Dimitrescu

After entering Castle Dimitrescu, go to the room with the elevator. There will be a Crystal Fragment quite high up on the wall opposite from the elevator.

On a Painting Main Hall 2F

In the Main Hall of Castle Dimitrescu, go to the second floor and turn right. A painting on the wall will have a Crystal Fragment at the top of its frame.

On the Stairs of the Tasting Room

In the Tasting Room, you will enter through a crawl space and see Lady Dimitrescu walk out of the room. On the ceiling of the stairwell leading out of the Tasting Room is a Crystal Fragment.

On the Ceiling of the Dining Room

After defeating the first of the Dimitrescu Daughters continue through the Kitchen to the Dining Room grabbing items along the way. Look to the ceiling of the Dining Room to find a Crystal Fragment.

On the Ceiling of the Opera Hall 2F

After obtaining Dimitrescu's Key, you can now access the Opera Hall from the Courtyard. On the ceiling above a small table on the 2F of the Opera Hall is a Crystal Fragment.

On the Ceiling of the Hall of Pleasure

The Hall of Pleasure is located on 2F of Castle Dimitrescu down the same hall that you were chased by the first daughter. You will need Dimitrescu's Key to enter. Look up to find a Crystal Fragment on the ceiling.

On the Rooftops of Castle Dimitrescu

When you reach the rooftops of Dimitrescu Castle, there will be a Crystal Fragment on the side of one of the towers toward the center of the map.

On the Ceiling of the Reservoir Mines

When going through the mines of the Reservoir, keep a close eye on the ceiling to find another Crystal Fragment.

In the Crystal Room after Beating Urias in the Stronghold

After defeating Urias, you will be greeted by a room full of crystals. In this room you will find: Crystal Fragments x4, Large Crystal x1, Vivianite x1, Yellow Quartz x1

The Staircase of the Stronghold

After you enter the Stronghold and reach the first save point, check the side of the spiral staircase leading up to find more Vivianite.

In the Maestro's House on a Hanging Instrument

After getting Luthier's Key, you will now have access to the Maestro's house. Check the instruments haning from the ceiling to find some Yellow Quartz.

The Iron Insignia Key Doorway Behind the Church

After opening the Iron Insignia Key door behind the church, you will find a Large Crystal on the opposite side of the doorway.

Turn Right Before Entering the Shed with Chris in the Reservoir

Just before the cutscene with Chris Redfield in the Reservoir area, if you turn right, you will find an open area with Fish and a Large Crystal on the wall.

Floor B4 of Heisenberg's Factory

In a small back room on floor B4 of Heisenberg's Factory, look above and to the right of the doorway that you entered to find a Large Crystal.

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