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Prologue Walkthrough and Maps

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Here is the complete walkthrough for the Prologue of Resident Evil Village. Game8 has you covered for everything you need to know about the intro, including a guide on how to survive, weapon and item locations, treasure locations, enemies found in the area, and more!

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- Prologue Village Part 1

Prologue Walkthrough

1 Once you gain control, head upstairs and down the hall to the bedroom and put Rose to bed. Check the other rooms if you'd like to find various things to interact with. Return downstairs to Mia when you're ready.
2 When you come to, head down the path and into the cabin.
3 Go down the stairs in the back of the cabin and open the armoire at the end to trigger the next event.
4 Return upstairs to find a newly-made exit and go through it.
5 Continue over the fence until you reach the village.
6 Head through the village until you reach a house with a lit brazier hanging outside and go inside.
7 Pick up the knife from the table. You can use it to break the box with yellow stripes for a First Aid Med.
8 Resident Evil Village_20210507014110.jpg
In the back of the house, interact with the curtain to receive the LEMI semi-automatic pistol.
9 Resident Evil Village_20210507014649.jpeg
In the next area, interact with the dead body, then kill the Lycan that attacks you.
10 Reenter the house and go to where you received the pistol to find some Bolt Cutters.
11 In the other house nearby, you can find a Chem Fluid and an Herb you can use to craft First Aid Med.
12 Bolt Cutters.png
Go to the gate and use the Bolt Cutters on the chain to proceed.
13 Enter the next building and pick up the Handgun Ammo. Barricade the door shut, then go upstairs.
14 Pick up the Chem Fluid and Ammo, then deal with the Lycans trying to get inside.
15 After you get rid of the Lycans, unbarricade the door and head down the new path that's opened up.
16 Resident Evil Village_20210507020743.jpg
A group of Lycans will assault you, so run to your left and up the stairs to get the M1897 shotgun.
17 Go down the ladder, grab the Rusted Scrap, and head back outside.
18 Run up the hill into another building while fending off your attackers until a cutscene starts.

Unlock a Trophy for Kicking the Ball to the Study

If you kick the yellow ball on the ground in Ethan's bedroom over to the study in the room next door, you can clear the requirements for the Gooooaaal! Trophy and Challenge.

Trophy and Achievements Guide List of Challenges

Get the Shotgun!

Inside the two-floor house with a ladder, you can find the M1897 Shotgun. It's a powerful weapon for the beginning of the game, so don't forget to grab it!

M1897 Weapon Stats and Upgrades

Make Use of the Explosive Barrels


During your fight with the Lycans, you will find red barrels in the area. Shoot these to blow them up and take out large groups of enemies with ease. As the Lycans won't stop coming, this will help you save ammo and give you more time to pick up other items in the area.

Clear Challenges for Killing Lycans

During the Lycan assault at the end of the Prologue, defeating 30 Lycans within 5 minutes awards you the Unstoppable Challenge. When Urias, the giant Lycan, shows up, defeating him will also earn you the Timber Challenge and Trophy. These can be difficult to do during a first playthrough, even on Casual difficulty, so you may be better off saving this for a second playthrough.

Prologue Maps and Item Locations

Prologue Maps and Treasure Locations

Village - 1F

Village Outskirts

Village West

Map Key

Blue Key Item
Green Valuable
Purple Weapon/Attachment
Red Items
Breakable Icon.png Breakable
Goat.png Goat

List of Items

Key Items
Bolt Cutters Icon.pngBolt Cutters
Treasure and Valuables
Crystal Fragment Icon.pngCrystal Fragment Crystal Skull Icon.pngCrystal Skull
Weapons & Attachments
Knife - Resident Evil Village.pngKnife LEMI - Resident Evil Village.pngLEMI
M1897 - Resident Evil Village.pngM1897
Crafting Materials
Rusted Scrap Icon.pngRusted Scrap
Gunpowder Icon.pngGunpowder
Herb Icon.pngHerb
Chem Fluid Icon.pngChem Fluid
Handgun Ammo Icon.pngHandgun Ammo Shotgun Ammo Icon.pngShotgun Ammo
Recovery Item
First Aid Med.pngFirst Aid Med

Prologue Files and Locations

Fridge Memo

A meal plan for Rose. This file is the pinned note on the fridge in Ethan's home.

Old News Clipping

Newspaper clippings about the events in the past game that took place in Louisiana. This file is in the spare room of Ethan's house.

Ethan's Diary

An entry about Ethan adjusting to his new life. This file is on Ethan's laptop.

Medical Checkup Report

This file contains information about Rose's medical records. This file is inside the drawer beside Ethan's laptop.

Mission Briefing

This file contains information about the mission to kill Mia and secure Ethan and Rose. This file is by the vehicle transporting you after it crashed.

All File Locations

Prologue Outhouses and Locations

West Old Town

As soon as you enter The Village through West Old Town, the first Outhouse is in the area with the well once you exit the house.

All Outhouse Locations

Enemies Encountered in Prologue

Regular Enemies



Near the end of the assault, a large Lycan with a hammer called Urias will appear to cause trouble. In a fresh playthrough, you'll want to avoid him as much as possible due to the amount of damage he's capable of dealing, but on a second or third playthrough, you may have the firepower to take him out during the opening of the game.

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