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Run For Your Life! | Mines Walkthrough and Maps

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Here is the complete walkthrough for the Mines, an area located in Resident Evil Mines. Game8 has you covered for everything you need to know about the Mines, including a guide on how to survive, weapon and item locations, treasure locations, enemies found in the area, and more!

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Village Part 1 Mines Castle Dimitrescu
Part 1

Run For Your Life! | Mines Walkthrough

1 Inside the cave, interact with the lever next to the door to encounter Heisenberg. A scene with the Four Lords will play out and you will be taken into the mines.
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When the scene ends, run for your life! Make a mad dash down the path away from the Lycans and deeper into the mines. Take a left when you reach the fork.
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After you drop into the trap room, break the fence on the other side and crawl into the tunnel.
Keep running down the hallway and drop into the next room. After running halfway through the room, a trap will activate. Run back to the wall and hide in the small opening to the left of where you dropped down to avoid becoming fresh American ground beef.
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Continue moving through the mines and crawl through another small opening at the end of the hallway.
6 Unlock the door at the end to return to where you were kidnapped by Heisenberg and successfully pull the lever.
7 Follow the stairs to exit the mines to meet The Duke.
8 Enter the Castle to close out this section.

Use the Duke's Shop

The Duke 1.png

Right before you enter the Castle, you will meet the Duke, the merchant of the game. He not only buys and sells weapons and items, but he also will upgrade the various weapons you pick up throughout the game.

The Duke's Emporium

Mines Maps and Item Locations

Mines Maps and Treasure Locations



Map Key

Blue Key Item
Green Valuable
Purple Weapon/Attachment
Red Items
Breakable Icon.png Breakable
Goat.png Goat

List of Items

Handgun Ammo Icon.pngHandgun Ammo

Mines Goat of Warding

Goat 4

World View Map View

As you exit the mines, go up the right part of the vineyard and search the rocks. The fourth Goat of Warding is on top of a rocky ledge.
All Goats of Warding Locations

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1 Anonymousover 1 year

In the Vineyard, there's an herb second row in from the mine entrance. Right at the two posts connecting the ropes for the vines.


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