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This is a stage guide for the level The Castle II in Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries Mode. Read on to find out where time bonuses can be found, where abilities can be gained, how to defeat all enemies, and how to complete each area!

The Castle II Stage Guide

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First Area

Castle II Start

Enemies to Defeat 6 (Minimum)
19 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 1
Time Bonuses 1
Run forward and past several cells until you see a Soldat Panzer. Ignore it and head left where you can pick up a Time Bonus inside of a cell. Afterwards, exit the cell and turn left, heading all the way down the darkened corridor, picking up all items inside of cells. Make sure to get the Moroaicas lying facedown inside each cell to follow you.
Pick up the Ability in the cell next to a red barrel. Pick off the chasing Moroaicas until the Panzer shows up – blow the red barrel and choose whether to sink Magnum shots into the Panzer to finish it off or if you will use your pistol.
At this point, a Lycan and Moroaica will head down the stairs. Pick them off before proceeding upstairs. Beware of this section, as several Moroaicas will be laying on the ground. Do not forget to kill these before pushing through each section of the second floor. Eliminate them, the Lycans, and the Armored Lycan that you will encounter when moving forward. Do not forget the Ability to the right of the hall by the stairs leading up to the third floor.
Head upstairs and take out the Lycans and Archer guarding the room where the Goal is. Touch the Goal after to finish this area.

Second Area

Castle II Area 2 Start

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
40 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 3
Run down towards and through the corridor – turn right to the Main Hall and pickup the Ability at the far end. Head halfway up the stairs and take out the Moroaica there. Use the stairs to corral the chasing enemies into a tight formation and take them out.
Head down the short steps outside the Main Hall and pick up the Time Bonus. Use the side corridor after taking out the enemies – an Ability pickup will be to the right of the corridor's entrance. Pick it up and head up the corridor where enemies, including a Soldat Eins will come after you. If you managed to snag a Pipe Bomb from the previous area, now is the time to use it.
Kill the remaining Lycans and step out into the open. Several more Lycans and Moroaicas will spawn here – take them out and pick up the Time Bonus beside the carriage on the right side of the trail.
Make sure to eliminate everything before going down the path, where you'll come up against a Soldat Eins heading up. Eliminate it, and shoot the red barrel down the path to quickly take care of the Samcas around it. An Ability will be available in the vineyards here.
Eliminate the remaining enemies and touch the Goal to finish this area.

Third Area

Castle II Area 3 Start

Enemies to Defeat 40 (Minimum)
48 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 3
Quickly eliminate the two Moroaicas in the kitchen, and the one outside in the corridor. Head into the Dining Room and pick up the Ability. Head into the Main Hall and pick up the Time Bonus, then turn around and start shooting at one of Dimitrescu's Daughters until she dies. Kill the surrounding Lycans to keep your streak alive.
Head out into the courtyard and spend a Magnum shot on one of the other daughters. Kill the remaining Lycans, but leave enough alive so you can get both the Time Bonus and the Ability pickup that are laid out on opposite sides of each other on the left and right side of the courtyard while keeping your combo.
Samcas will spawn here as well. Eliminate them, and once you've cleared the courtyard, head into the door beside of the Ability pickup, then turn right into the piano room. You'll need to plant a Mine near the piano while taking care of the Moroaicas. If placed correctly, you can catch the Soldat Jet directly with the mine as it lands.
Pick up the Ability beside the stairs afterwards and head up. Eliminate the Archers around the landing and pickup the Time Bonus in the room they're standing beside.
Enter the library and sink another Magnum shot into the last of the daughters. From there, eliminate the remaining enemies and touch the Goal to finish this area.

Fourth Area

Castle II Area 4 Start

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
54 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 1
Time Bonuses 0
Ignore the enemies that spawn for now and head down the stairs on the opposite end of where you spawn. Shoot or interact with the doll to trigger it, and keep shooting after it as you follow it up to the second floor. Avoid the enemies here.
Follow Angie down the landing to the left and shoot or interact with it again. Keep shooting it as you follow, and when you arrive at the stairs, start shooting at the various enemies that have followed you.
Once you've cleared the Main Hall, head back down the stairs and eliminate the Moroaicas there. A Lycan will spawn at the steps, eliminate it and the Soldat Eins that will come from the side corridor.
Once all enemies have been cleared, use the side corridor and head into the Entrance Hall. Exit out into the open, where two Armored Lycans will appear – use Pipe Bombs to eliminate them. An Ability pickup is available to your right as you exit.
Kill the Lycans that spawn afterwards and head out into the path. Two blue birds will fly away from this point on, so be sure to shoot them both down.
More enemies will spawn in the vineyard here. Eliminate them, and approach Angie to finish her off. This is a good time to use a magnum round if you still have one. If she still manages to fly away, you'll need to head back up the path and shoot at her where she sits beside the carriage.
Finally, a Soldat Panzer will walk out at the end of the path. Eliminate it with Pipe Bombs or Mines to remove chunks of its armor and shoot at it with a Magnum to the chest if you still have ammunition for it. Touch the Goal to end The Caslte II.

The Castle II Enemies

Lycan.pngLycans Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Moroaica Icon.pngMoroaica
Samca Icon.pngSamca Soldat Icon.pngSoldat Eins Soldat Panzer Icon.pngSoldat Panzer
Bela Dimitrescu.jpegDimitrescu Daughters Donna - Search for Angie.pngAngie -

The Castle II Rank Rewards

Rank Points Needed Rewards
B 130,000 The Factory II Stage

How to Get SSS Rank

Recommended Abilities and Weapons

Recommended Abilities

Lightning Speed.pngLightning Speed Pistol Master.pngPistol Master Infighter.pngInfighter

While you can replace Infighter with Corpse Combustor instead, the latter skill is only ever useful in the tight spaces in the first area. You'll have more use for Infighter, particularly when using the Magnum.

Lightning Speed and Pistol Master are essential in making every shot count, which lets you take care of enemies quickly while being able to move around areas faster than normal.

Recommended Weapons

LEMI - Resident Evil Village.pngLEMI M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane

As the only two weapons worth getting, unless you have enough Lei to pick up the GM79, you'll have to make do with using the LEMI for a majority of The Castle II. The Magnum shots you have will have to be conserved for the daughters, or for when you're caught with your back against the wall by your enemies.

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