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The Factory Stage Guide | Mercenaries Mode

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This is a stage guide for the level The Factory in Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries Mode. Read on to find out where time bonuses can be found, where abilities can be gained, how to defeat all enemies, and how to complete each area!

The Factory Stage Guide

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First Area

The Factory Area 1 Start

Enemies to Defeat 30 (Minimum)
64 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 5
Time Bonuses 3
You'll start off in a square room, above the bottom floor on a platform. Begin by moving along this platform and clearing it of any Haulers that are laying face down until you come to the ground floor and infront of a door that will lead you to the next area.
Lycans will come after you, as well as some archers. Take care of them, and where the room splits off, take the left path beside the glowing red press machine and head up the stairs.
Kill the Lycan and use the red barrel to kill the Soldat Eins and hauler to save ammo. Once clear, take the door on the left and eliminate all the enemies inside of the room filled with gurneys. Enter the room at the back for a Time Bonus.
When you exit the room, be careful of enemies spawning behind you. Enemies will spawn here frequently even after you think it's clear. Be sure not to miss the prone enemy laying just outside of the gurney room. Kill it and make your way to the room next to it, where you encounter a Soldat Eins and some Haulers. After killing the Soldat, grab the Time Bonus in the small room behind it and finish off the Haulers before heading back.
Make your way back to the room with the glowing red machine, and eliminate the fresh enemies that come after you.
Head through the stairs straight ahead with a flight of stairs headed up. Be careful of the Lycan that tries to ambush you at the top. Head on and take the Ability pickup.
Run back downstairs and run through the last open door. Go left as you pass the door and eliminate the Lycan at the bottom. Kill the lone Hauler at the corner and proceed further down. A Soldat Eins will spawn here. Eliminate it, and another one will come.
Head upstairs for another Ability pickup, then head down and enter the area where the Eins came from for another Ability. From there, turn left for a Time Bonus, then head back and go the other direction. After passing the doorway, turn right. Head to the far corner and stay there until one, two, or all of the Daughters reach you. Shoot the barrel to damage or eliminate them.
Head deeper into the area and enter the lone room at the back next to the stairs for an Ability. This doorway is also a good spot to catch the daughters with a mine if you failed to kill them earlier.
From there, head up the stairs and make it to the door behind a fence. Prepare a Mine, as a Soldat Panzer spawns to the left of where you exit. Use the mine to remove its armor and kill it. If you head straight from where he spawns, Sturm will come after you. Use another mine to take out a large amount of its health, then finish it off with shots in the back.
Be careful of the enemies that spawn behind you and head down the corridor where Sturm spawns. There will be an Ability pickup in the end room.
From here, simply exit the room and head up the flight of stairs to your left, killing off any remaining Haulers. Reach the Goal and interact with it to end this area.

Second Area

The Factory Area 2 Start

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
51 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 4
Time Bonuses 3
Start by moving forward until you reach an open doorway. Deal with the Soldat Eins and Haulers that come through, then head through and take a left and go down the hall.
Go straight ahead and at the square room with catwalks, take the leftmost path to get an Ability pickup. Lycan Archers will be here, so take them out one by one.
Enter the next room, and take a right at the catwalks – eliminate the Archers and head down the stairs, where a Soldat Eins will pop out from the room to your right.
Head into the room on your right for a Time Bonus, then make your way out through the back exit, where another Soldat Eins will come through from the hall through your left.
Go through the corridor to your left, and when you reach the square room with catwalks, turn to your right for an Ability pickup.
Afterwards, go to the opposite side of the catwalks and head down the middle stairs, where a Soldat Jet will bother you. A Soldat Zwei will be inanimate in the backroom, so make sure to pick it off.
From there, head to the next room and turn right at the juncture, where Haulers will go after you. Take care of them and head straight for a Time Bonus.
Make your way back into the hall and take the corridor you previously ignored. Enter the room for another Ability pickup, and after taking care of the enemies here, head up the stairs. Head out into the long corridor with a Soldat Zwei. Pick it off and head through the corridor and into the room with the glowing red machine for a Time Bonus.
Take care of the Soldat Panzer and Hauler here, then make your way up the stairs to the left of the machine. Blow the red barrel to take care of the Archers and Soldat Eins, then make your way to the right-most room for an Ability pickup.
Take care of all the remaining enemies here and make your way back to the machine room. Head up the only remaining flight of stairs until you make it to the room filled with Moroaicas. Once you're done, touch the Goal to finish this stage.

The Factory Enemies

Soldat Icon.pngSoldat Eins Zwei Icon.pngSoldat Zwei Soldat Jet Icon.pngSoldat Jet
Soldat Panzer Icon.pngSoldat Panzer Hauler Icon.pngHauler Moroaica Icon.pngMoroaica
Lycan.pngLycans Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Bela Dimitrescu.jpegDimitrescu Daughters
Sturm Icon.pngSturm - -

The Factory Rank Rewards

Rank Points Needed Rewards
S 1,080,000 Lightning Speed Ability
A 720,000 The Mad Village Stage
B 288,000 5000 Lei

How to Get SSS Rank

Complete the Mass-Reduced Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Mass-Reduced Reward: 10000 CP
Complete The Factory stage in The Mercenaries once.

List of Challenges

Recommended Abilities and Weapons

Recommended Abilities

Agile.png Agile Corpse Combustor.pngCorpse Combustor Magic Magazine.pngMagic Magazine

Although you'll be running a lot from place to place throughout The Factory, having Corpse Combustor in your list of Abilities will help to make sure that you can easily take down enemies in narrow corridors. This is useful in the Second Area, where Soldat Eins all try and claw their way towards you one after the other. Having free explosives at the handy could go a long way in eliminating threats. Having Corpse Combustor can also make or break your SSS runs on this stage, as shotgun and rifle ammo is tight and may run out without this ability's help.

Agility helps with having to make your way from one place to another, and Magic Magazine will help you to take care of more enemies without having to reload many times.

Recommended Weapons

LEMI - Resident Evil Village.pngLEMI F2 Rifle - Resident Evil Village.pngF2 Rifle

Stick with the fundamentals, and use the Sniper Rifle once more. It saves up on time and energy you use against tougher opponents like the Soldats due to high its high power. In the narrow corridors, you can line up your enemies one after the other for a quick kill shot to end things before they begin.

A fully upgraded Sniper Rifle, damage-wise, is a must-have for the many Soldats that come your way in the second stage, particularly if you're gunning after an SSS rank.

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1 Anonymousover 1 year

Oh man, that ONE prone enemy in the gurney room had me tearing my hair out. I kept finishing the map with exactly 63 out of 64 kills and was getting sick of squinting around for one enemy in a dark, nondescript maze.


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