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Moroaica Enemy Guide: How to Kill Moroaicas

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Here is the enemy guide for Moroaicas, a type of monster found in Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8). Be sure to check here for everything you need to know about Moroaicas including where they can be found, their weaknesses, and what items they may drop!

Moroaica Overview and Weaknesses

Location Dungeons, Courtyard – Castle Dimitrescu
Pathway – House Beneviento
Moreau's Laboratory - Moreau's Territory
Weaknesses Explosives
Leg and Arm Hits
Drops Lei
Rusted Scrap
Chem Fluid
Crystal Skull

Moroaicas are the feral, humanoid creatures that you encounter while exploring the dungeons beneath Dimitrescu Castle. They are capable of wielding weapons that include swords, sickles, and even battle axes.

Moroaicas appear to be what remains of servants in the castle that were doomed into what they are today by having their blood drained.

How to Kill Moroaicas

Use Explosives

Moroaicas - Use Explosives.png
Moroaicas are extremely weak towards explosives, as any explosion set off near them is often enough to knock them out completely. If they still manage to get back up after an explosion, quick swipes with your knife will be enough to finish them off.

Their slow speed allows you to herd them together to take them all out with one well-placed explosive.

Aim for Their Arms and Legs

Moroaicas - Aim for the Arms and Legs.png
Similar to Lycans, Moroaicas are taken down quite easily with shots to the head. A well-placed leg shot can cripple them, allowing you to unleash a volley of head shots. Using your pistol serves as a quick solution when fighting against them. It is especially effective if you can distance yourself and pick them off.

Complete the Butter Fingers Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Butter Fingers Reward: Under investigation.
Make a Moroaica drop her weapon in the story.

Shooting a Moroaica's arms is the easiest way to complete this challenge.
List of Challenges

Run Past Them

Moroaicas - Run Past.png
Unlike Lycans however, Moroaicas tend to be slow. It may just be better to avoid wasting ammunition on these creatures, as running past them is quite easy to do.

Do not, however, allow yourself to be trapped in tight corners or pathways, as Moroaicas come in numbers that can overwhelm you.

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