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The Stronghold Walkthrough and Maps

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Here is the complete walkthrough for your third visit to the Village, an area located in Resident Evil Village. Game8 has you covered for everything you need to know about the Village, including a guide on how to survive, weapon and item locations, treasure locations, enemies found in the area, and more!

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Moreau's Reservoir The Stronghold Heisenberg's Factory

The Stronghold Walkthrough

1 Resident Evil Village_20210508112432.jpg
Now that we have the Crank, we can return to Lone Road to the west of the Village and lower the Drawbridge. Cross the bridge and go down to the boat.Drive downstream back towards where you left the Castle earlier. Disembark and go through the iron doors. Inside is another brazier lighting puzzle that nets you a Golden Lady Statue for solving it.
2 Resident Evil Village_20210508113701.jpg
Return to the boat and head back downriver to the other side. Hop off at the pier and enter a cave. In the back, you'll find a file, an Antique Coin, some ammo, and a W870 TAC - Foregrip. Some Moroaica will attack you. Take them out, then return to the Village.
3 In the village, go to the Fallow Plot to find a much stronger beast, the Varcolac Alfa. Hit it with some explosive rounds to take it down, and you will receive the Leader of the Pack trophy. Flash rounds can also disorient it, making it easier to shoot with other guns.
4 Go to the path north of the Church and unlock the Six-Winged Unborn Key gate to open the path to the Stronghold.
5 Go up through the dark tunnel and take out the Lycans that attack you. Enter the ruins, and more will come at you. Take them out and move on.
6 Resident Evil Village_20210508122036.jpg
At the top of the ruins, there will be a locked gate. Go up the stairs to your right and pull the first lever, then return to the other side and climb up the ladder to reach the second. Make use of the explosive barrels and ammo in the area to get rid of the Lycans that ambush you. With both levers pulled, go through the gate and follow the path to the Stronghold.
7 Inside the Stronghold, make a mad dash past the Lycans that come at you as they spawn indefinitely. Take the zipline to the other side, then go up another flight of stairs. At the top of another set of stairs, another group of Lycans will try to ambush you. An Armored Lycan will also be there. Toss a Pipe Bomb and kill the big guy to stop their assault. Then go through the iron doors.
8 Resident Evil Village_20210508124924.jpg
In the next room, head down the stairs into the basement. You will now have to fight Urias, the large Lycan with the hammer who attacked you in the Village at the beginning of the game. Explosive rounds, shotgun shells, and magnum shots to the face will end his life quickly. Pick up the Crystal Hammer off his body, then head through the open red door.
9 Keep following the corridors till you reach stairs to a room with the Torso Flask. Keep going to find a boat nearby and take it down the sewers to another pier where you can find a ladder.

How to Get the Cannibal's Plunder Treasure

World View Map View

An ornate angel figurine, this Treasure can be found in Otto's Mill just before you approach the Stronghold.

How to Access the Cannibal's Plunder Treasure

How to Solve the Riverbank Treasure Puzzle

Shoot the Brazier to Light the Two Torches

The Riverbank Treasure Puzzle is similar to the Brazier Puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu. Shoot the brazier to the left to open a room full of Lei, then shoot it to the right, which will release Moroaica.

Set the Moroaica on Fire

To set the third brazier on fire, set a Moroaica on fire. Shoot the hanging brazier at the approaching Moroaica, then lure it to the third brazier in the other room.

Solve the Labyrinth

Moreau Labyrinth.jpg

In the area with Moreau's Hidden Treasure, you can also find the Mermaid Ball. This will let you start the Labyrinth puzzle back near the Windmill.

Shoot the Barrels

Shoot the Barrels.png
In the area before the Stronghold, there will be explosive barrels scattered around. A lot of Lycans will assault you. Shoot the barrels to take out large groups all at once.

Find the 2 Levers

Lever Locations.jpg
To open the gate that leads to the Stronghold, you'll need to pull two levers. The first lever is up the staircase to your left. The second is up the ladder on the right side of the area. Watch out for Lycans that will spawn in the area too.

Keep Running

When you first enter the Stronghold, you will be assaulted by constantly respawning Lycans. Ignore them and keep making your way up to the top. Get rid of the last group with Pipe Bombs and your strongest weapons to escape this area.

Escaping the Lycans

The Stronghold Maps and Item Locations

The Stronghold Maps and Treasure Locations


Lone Road

North Mountain Stream - Well

North Mountain Stream - Castle Underground

South Mountain Stream
Stronghold - 1F

Otto's Mill

The Forbidden Woods

Stronghold - 1f
Stronghold - 2F

Stronghold - 2F
Stronghold - B1

Stronghold North - B1

Stronghold Arena - B1

Stronghold South - B1

Map Key

Blue Key Item
Green Valuable
Purple Weapon/Attachment
Red Items
Breakable Icon.png Breakable
Goat.png Goat

List of Items

Key Items
Torso Flask.pngTorso Flask Photo of a Phantom Fish Icon.pngPhoto of a Phantom Fish
Treasure and Valuables
Crystal Fragment Icon.pngCrystal Fragment Yellow Quartz Icon.pngYellow Quartz
Large Crystal Icon.pngLarge Crystal Vivianite Icon.pngVivianite
Crystal Wing Icon.pngCrystal Wing Giant Crystal Axe Icon.pngGiant Crystal Axe
Large Pigeon Blood Ruby Icon.pngLarge Pigeon Blood Ruby Golden Lady Statue Icon.pngGolden Lady Statue
Antique Coin Icon.pngAntique Coin GuglielmoGuglielmo's Plate
Crystal Skull Icon.pngCrystal Skull Perfect Crystal Skull Icon.pngPerfect Crystal Skull
Crystal Hammer Icon.pngCrystal Hammer Father NicolaFather Nicola's Angel
Weapons & Attachments
W870 TAC Foregrip Icon.pngW870 TAC - Foregrip
Crafting Materials
Rusted Scrap Icon.pngRusted Scrap
Gunpowder Icon.pngGunpowder
Herb Icon.pngHerb
Chem Fluid Icon.pngChem Fluid
Metal Scrap Icon.pngMetal Scrap
Handgun Ammo Icon.pngHandgun Ammo Shotgun Ammo Icon.pngShotgun Ammo
Sniper Rifle Ammo Icon.pngSniper Rifle Ammo Magnum Ammo Icon.pngMagnum Ammo
Explosive Rounds Icon.pngExplosive Rounds Flashbang Icon.pngFlashbang
Mine Icon.pngMine Pipe Bomb Icon.pngPipe Bomb
Recovery Item
First Aid Med.pngFirst Aid Med
Fish Icon.pngFish Poultry Icon.pngPoultry
Meat Icon.pngMeat
Lockpick Icon.pngLockpick

The Stronghold Treasures

Golden Lady Statue

Resident Evil Village Golden Lady Statue.jpg

Rewarded for solving the Riverbank Treasure puzzle.

How to Solve the Riverbank Treasure Puzzle How to Get the Golden Lady Statue

Antique Coin

Resident Evil Village Antique Coin.png

You will need to use the Crank on the bridge on the Lone Road. Cross the bridge to get to a boat and ride it downwards until you reach land. You will find a cave and the Antique Coin inside.
Antique Coin Item Guide

Crystal Hammer

Resident Evil Village Crystal Hammer.jpg

Dropped by Urias after his defeat.
Crystal Hammer Item Guide

Guglielmo's Plate

Resident Evil Village Guglielmo

Found in the room after you defeat Urias on your way out of the Stronghold.
Guglielmo's Plate Item Guide

The Stronghold Goats of Warding

Goat 15

World View Map View

The fifteenth Goat of Warding is in a shrine beneath Otto's Mill. Cross the stream and make a right turn before getting to the other side.

Goat 16

World View Map View

As you go down to the boss area, just before entering the doorway, look to your right. The sixteenth Goat of Warding will be on top of the ledge.

List of All Goats of Warding and Where to Find Them

The Stronghold Files and Locations

Analysis Results

World View Map View

Take the boat from The Lone Road. Head down until you find somewhere to disembark. Go inside the cave to the right. This file is at the very end of the tunnel. Examine the computer to read this file.

Ernest's Diary

World View Map View

After getting the Cannibal's Plunder, check the backroom to find shelves of meat. This file is on top of the table.

Officer's Diary

World View Map View

Just before entering the boss area, you will find a Typewriter in the basement of the Stronghold. The file is on the floor next to the Typewriter.

Experiment Notes

World View Map View

Just before you exit the underground passage from the Stronghold, take a left turn and go to the end of the hallway. The file is on top of a table.

List of All Files and Where to Find Them

Enemies Encountered in The Stronghold

Regular Enemies

Ghouls Icon.png
Armored Lycans Icon.png
Armored Lycans

Varcolac Alfa

Resident Evil Village_20210508120326.jpg

Stun it with a Flashbang - it becomes easier to hit, then fire off all explosive rounds, magnum shots, and shotgun shells at its face to take it down with ease.
How to Beat Varcolac Alfa

Great Axe Lycan

Your magnum or shotgun will be good for this fight. Lure him towards the explosive barrels to deal extra damage, then shoot him in the face while keeping away from his axe until he goes down.
How to Beat the Great Axe Lycan


Urias Big Boy.png

After the safe room in the Stronghold, Urias, the large hammer-wielding Lycan you encountered at the beginning of the game, will attack you. You can stun him with Flashbangs if you wish or set Mines and throw Pipe Bombs for extra damage. When he jumps down from the ledge, he will be momentarily vulnerable. If you picked up the magnum fire off as many shots at his head as you can, then switch to your shotgun or grenade launcher to finish him off.

How to Beat Urias the Giant Werewolf

Complete the Up Urs! Challenge

Challenge Requirements
★Up Urs! Reward: Under investigation.
Defeat Urias in the stronghold.

List of Challenges

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