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How to Beat the Waterwheel Treasure Varcolac | Boss Fight Guide

How to Beat the Waterwheel Varcolac.png
This is a guide on how to beat the Waterwheel Treasure Varcolac, a boss in Resident Evil Village. This page will explain the Varcolac's attack patterns, weaknesses, and include tips and tricks on how you can defeat them!

Waterwheel Treasure Varcolac Basic Information

How to Beat the Waterwheel Treasure Varcolac.png
Drops Crystal Beast
Weaknesses Explosives
Shotgun Blasts

Waterwheel Treasure Varcolac Location

Map Image World View

Once you take the path headed towards Salvatore Moreau, you'll be set upon quickly by the Varcolac. Although not necessary to kill for the treasure, it does make the journey a little more relaxed with this beast out of the way.

How to Get the Waterwheel Weapon

Attack Patterns

Waterwheel Varcolac Attack.png
The Varcolac you encounter as soon as you try to head to Moreau's serves as your first encounter with the beast. It loiters around the area where you can get the Waterwheel Weapon, making the weapon quite a challenge to obtain. Although you can attempt to make it to the weapon – the GM 79 – it is much better to fight it head-on as soon as you can.

The beast is highly aggressive and will stay in the area searching for you. Once it sees you, it will chase you until it can catch you to inflict some heavy damage, or it will try to follow you inside a building where it will attack you from the doorway or window.

How to Beat Waterwheel Treasure Varcolac

Snipe it From the Roof

Waterwheel Varcolac - Snipe it From the Roof.png
Immediately after the short cutscene involving the beast, you'll find yourself inside of a house with the beast trying to squeeze through the doorframe to try and get you. Whatever you do, stay inside this house .

You'll see a ladder headed to the roof of the house you find yourself in. Arm yourself with the F2 rifle and head upstairs. From there, find the Varcolac and shoot at it. It will become aggressive and try to run at you.

It can reach the roof, so instead of staying there, head back down and let it try to squeeze into the house.

Plant Mines

Waterwheel Varcolac - Plant Mines.png
Before sniping it from the roof, you can plant Mines just outside of the doorframe and outside the window on the parallel wall of the house. Whenever you can attract the creature to you by shooting it from the roof, it will attempt to squeeze through either one of these openings, making it quite easy to inflict explosive damage on them with the planted bombs.

Shoot it From Inside

Waterwheel Varcolac - Shoot it From Inside.png
In the absence of any sort of explosives, you can still use the same tactic against the Varcolac. Attract it to you by sniping or pistol shooting it from the roof – once it tries to squeeze into the house, pepper it with shotgun shells to the face. Avoid trying to get too close for a better shot, as it still has a pretty long reach it can use to swipe at you.

Recommended Weapons

W870 TAC - Resident Evil Village.pngW870 TAC F2 Rifle - Resident Evil Village.pngF2 Rifle
Mine Icon.pngMine

The Sniper Rifle in this case is not a must have weapon. You can replace it instead with any pistol, as it will only serve the purpose of attracting the enemy to you. What matters more in this regard are the Mines you can bring with you and a Shotgun.

Explosives are particularly helpful in bringing down Varcolac's health, but due to how difficult it is to obtain them, and the balancing act you'll have to do between crafting ammo and explosives, the Shotgun is a very useful alternative.

Just let the beast try to get into the house and feel free to let your shells fly.

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