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The Mad Village II Stage Guide | Mercenaries Mode

The Mad Village II Stage Guide
This is a stage guide for the level The Mad Village II in Resident Evil Village II's Mercenaries Mode. Read on to find out where time bonuses can be found, where abilities can be gained, how to defeat all enemies, and how to complete each area!

The Mad Village II Stage Guide

Mad Village II A1 Start

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First Area Second Area
Third Area Fourth Area
Fifth Area

First Area

Enemies to Defeat 15 (Minimum)
41 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 2
Time Bonuses 1
Head down the path, then turn right and proceed up to the house. Moroaicas will spawn here. Before picking them off, take the Ability from behind the house. Once all Moroaicas are finished off, take out the blue bird sitting on top of the house, then move back to the path.
Down the path, head through the pathway where you'll encounter tiny Moroaicas and Armored Lycans. Use explosives on them, or use the wide area to run around them while shooting.
Head to the path behind the house where more tiny Moroaicas will come after you. After finishing them off, head down the path towards the solitary graveyard where Lycans and regular Moroaicas will spawn. Soon afterwards, a giant Moroaica will appear.
Once you're through finishing them off, touch the Goal to finish this area.

Second Area

Mad Village II A2 Start

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
31 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 2
Time Bonuses 2
From the start there will be several Moroaicas by the altar as well as a Giant that will hop down. You'll need to sink a Magnum headshot on the giant, then pick off the Moroaicas, and then shoot out the flying Samcas that spawn afterwards before proceeding.
When you get to the bridge, in the rooms on the left and right side will be an Ability and Time Bonus. Several Lycans and two Soldat Eins will come after, so take them out first before gathering the pickups. Afterwards, proceed to the bridge where Lycan archers will be positioned in the hills facing the bridge. Carefully take these out while avoiding their arrows.
Once you're through with them, proceed up the path to the Ceremony Site where two Giants will jump down along with several Lycans. Use your Magnum on the two giants and eliminate the remaining Lycans the normal way. Gather the Ability and Time Bonus on the left and right side once through, and touch the Goal to finish this area.

Third Area

Mad Village II A3 Start

Enemies to Defeat 25 (Minimum)
38 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 1
Time Bonuses 1
You'll start off at the furthest edge of The Village's second area – stay in it after getting the three Soldat Eins to come after you. Use explosives on these to slow them down and inflict high damage. Lycans will come at you afterwards, along with several more Soldats. Stay in this little pocket of land while you take them out.
An Ability will be at the hill across the short bridge to your right as you make your way up the path. At the foothill of the Stronghold, a Lycan will jump down along with two Soldat Jets and several Samcas. Take out the Lycan and ignore the rest – head up the the Stronghold. At the top, ignore the other Samcas and Soldat Jet that comes after you, and go on up the path towards the Stronghold.
Lycans and Archers will greet you upon arrival. Take them out, then pick up the Time Bonus and Ability around the short stairwell.
From here on out, it's simply a matter of surviving the rest of the area, as more Lycans and Soldats will come after you. The Goal will spawn in front of the gate where you encounter Urias in the main story, and only does so after killing 25 enemies.
At the chasm, ignore the Soldats that spawn and come after you – focus your fire instead on the Lycan archers that try and hit you from afar. If you have a Grenade Launcher, use Flashbangs to make it easier on you to move around. You'll need to fetch 30 kills in this section if you wish to go after the SSS rank. Touch the Goal when you're through to complete this section.

Fourth Area

Mad Village II A4 Start

Enemies to Defeat 18 (Minimum)
55 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups 3
Time Bonuses 1
Immediately go down the path and take out the Lycans that emerge. A Soldat Jet will jump down. Use a Flashbang to get around it, and head down the path while eliminating more Lycans that come after you.
In the town, take out the Moroaica sitting down on top of a fallen metal gate, and take the Ability pickup on the left hand side of the green smoke. Head down the path of Molded trees, where a Giant will come after you. Use the Grenade Launcher to spam Explosive rounds on it, and kill the Moroaicas that spawn here.
Head down the path, picking up the Ability on the left hand side of the path's end, until you reach the gate with green smoke. Behind it is a Time Bonus you can pickup. Lycans and Armored Lycans will spawn outside the gate, so use Flashbangs to make taking them out more manageable.
Once you're through, head down the path. On your left will be a house – take the door on the furthest right and head through to the other side where you'll find some flying Samcas. Take those out, and ignore the Soldat Jet that flies down. Along the way, two more Jets will spawn. Decide whether or not to engage them, as the red barrel in this area will help. Either way, move forwards where another Ability will be available for you to pick up on your left hand side as you reach the Village's center.
You'll need about 40 kills on a long kill streak if you wish to get an SSS. Eliminate the enemies around the village's center, and touch the Goal when you're through.

Fifth Area

Mad Village II A5 Start

Enemies to Defeat 20 (Minimum)
20 (Maximum)
Ability Pickups None
Time Bonuses None
Simply put, the best and easiest way to take care of Mother Miranda here is to use all your saved up Lei and buy out Explosive Rounds. At the battle site, use all your Grenade Launcher ammunition at her, along with all that remains of your Magnum shots until she dies. Lycans, Archers, Armored Lycans, and Moroaicas will spawn here, which you can take out with your Explosive Rounds.
Once everything in this area is dead, simply touch the Goal to finish.

The Mad Village II Enemies

Soldat Icon.pngSoldat Eins Soldat Jet Icon.pngSoldat Jet Moroaica Icon.pngMoroaica
Lycan.pngLycans Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Samca Icon.pngSamca
How to Beat Varcolac Alfa Icon.pngAlfa Varcolac Mother Miranda Icon.pngMother Miranda -

The Mad Village II Rank Rewards

Rank Points Needed Rewards
SSS - If all other stages have been finished with SSS Rank
LZ Answerer

How to Get SSS Rank

Recommended Abilities and Weapons

Recommended Abilities

Lightning Speed.pngLightning Speed Pistol Master.pngPistol Master Break Shot.pngBreak Shot

You can go ahead and replace Pistol Master and Break Shot with any other ability you choose, but having these in your list of abilities lends a helping hand in taking out some of the tougher enemies throughout The Mad Village II such as the various types of Soldats you encounter and the Armored Lycans which you may choose to deal with using the LEMI.

Lightning Speed, as always, is an extremely useful skill to have when trying to run around each of the wide-open areas you go through, while also making it easier for you to avoid the shots given out by Lycan Archers.

Recommended Weapons

LEMI - Resident Evil Village II.pngLEMI M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane
GM 79 - Resident Evil Village.pngGM79

As The Mad Village II is quite an expansive stage to go through in Mercenaries, simply keeping one of the weapons you can buy in the shop will make it difficult for you to go through each of the areas.

Both the Magnum and the Grenade Launcher will help out a lot when dealing with tougher opponents, the GM79 being the best of any weapons here since you can buy its ammunition.

Save up the Magnum's ammo for the last area, as it will help out a lot in reducing chunks of Mother Miranda's health.

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So after I bought the game on it's release date, 7 May, I only managed to get my final S rank on Village 2 and got my Ethan Winters trophy TODAY, in August. I am done though, I will not play for the light saber, it's not worth another remote. I'm done! SS is way too difficult.


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