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This is a guide to The Mercenaries Mode, an additional game mode for Resident Evil Village. Here you can find everything you need to know about The Mercenaries mode including what it is, tips and tricks, and how to unlock it!

The Mercenaries Mode Overview

What is The Mercenaries?

The Mercenaries is an arcade-like mode included for free with the main game of Resident Evil Village. This mode has been featured throughout the franchise, making its first appearance in Resident Evil 3 and being included in every game since with the exception of Resident Evil 7. Many fans are happy to see this mode returning in the upcoming sequel.

How to Play The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries How to Play.jpgEnlarge

The Mercenaries is a first-person action mode focused on combat. Players will have to reach the goal within a certain time limit while also taking out enemies.

While only a certain number of enemies need to be defeated to progress, the more enemies you can take down, the higher the score you can get. There will also be bonus time orbs scattered across maps to give you extra time. Take advantage of the time orbs in order to take out more enemies!

How to Unlock The Mercenaries

In order to unlock Mercenaies Mode, you must beat the main game of Resident Evil Village first. Although eager players may be disappointed about having to wait, keep in mind it's a free bonus mode for completing the main story. Additionally, playing Mercenaries Mode early may lead to spoilers of the main story.

Features of The Mercenaries Mode

The Shop

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) Shop

For the first time in the franchise, players will be able to access a shop, also known as The Duke's Emporium, in between areas in The Mercenaries. Players can buy new items and weapons, or even upgrade their current ones allowing for a higher chance of survival in the next area.

A list of all shop items is coming soon!

Area Completion Bonuses

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) The Mercenaries Mode Area Completion Bonus

For completing an area, players will recieve bonuses based on their score and time. There is also a Money Bonus that will be important for gaining enough money to buy new items and weapons in the shop.

Complete the last stage for a specal reward!

The Mercenaries Screenshot.jpgEnlarge

Each stage will get progressively harder, making your ammo and items even more valuable! For those that can progress to the last stage of The Mercenaries and overcome the odds, there is a special reward available.

Weapon Customization

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) Customization

At the shop, players can customize your equipment by upgrading weapons. Players can choose which play style they prefer and strategize according to the challenge they are facing.

Choose Abilities

Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) The Mercenaries Abilities

When playing through an area, you can gain different abilities by interacting with a large glowing orbs on the field. Abilities can strengthen weapons, give more health, buff defense, or even add special effects like Corpse Combuster which makes zombies explode after being shot.

Effectively using your abilities in combination with your weapons will be key to overcoming the hordes of enemies!

A list of all abilities is coming soon!


Monster Location Weakness Drops
Lycan.pngLycans Village Head and leg shots Lei
Armored Lycans Icon.pngArmored Lycans Village Explosives
Shotgun Blasts
Perfect Crystal Skull
Varcolac Icon.pngVarcolac Village Shotgun Blasts
Crystal Beast


A list of all available weapons is coming soon!


A list of all areas is coming soon!

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