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Moreau's Reservoir Walkthrough and Maps

Here is the complete walkthrough for Moreau's Reservoir, an area located in Resident Evil Village. Game8 has you covered for everything you need to know about Moreau's Reservoir, including a guide on how to survive, weapon and item locations, treasure locations, enemies found in the area, and more!

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Moreau's Reservoir Walkthrough

1 Resident Evil Village_20210508001156.jpg
Before we head to take on Moreau, there are a few things in the Village we can finish first. Start by heading south of the Maiden of War back to where the Iron Insignia gate was. Head into the unexplored house using Luthier's Key. On the wall in the kitchen is a drawing with a birthday, 270917. Enter this into the lock on the cabinet to get a Steel Hraesvelgr and an F2 Rifle - High-Capacity Mag.
2 Return to the Altar and unlock the south gate with the Four-Winged Unborn Key to proceed into the southern portion of the Village. As you enter, a giant werewolf will attack you. Let it run off after the scene and get to searching. In this building is a file that wasn't around the last time you were here. Climb up to the second floor so you can monitor the beast and make a run for it when it isn't looking.
3 Resident Evil Village_20210508004259.jpg
Go up to the Watermill and open the gate with the Iron Insignia Key. Inside you'll find the GM 79. With the GM 79, you can kill the beast. A few direct shots will disintegrate it, allowing you to search the area in peace.
4 Resident Evil Village_20210508004930.jpg
Follow the river down to a large wall of green goo blocking the way. Hit it with your knife a few times, and it will break, allowing you through. Keep going until you find some more and repeat, climbing up the ladder once the goo breaks. Enter the Windmill after you drop down and take the staircase into the basement. Use the elevator to go further down.
5 At the bottom, follow the mine shaft further down.Take the next small staircase up and squeeze through some goo to get the Arms Flask. Goo will block your way out. Squeeze back through and head back the way you came. Go up the wooden staircase and hit the wood with the yellow paint with your knife to create a bridge.
6 Resident Evil Village_20210508010412.jpg
Follow the path to a shack inside the mines, taking out the two Lycans in the way. Once you enter, pick up the Boat Key. As soon as you pick up the Boat Key, an Armored Lycan along with a small group of Lycans will ambush you. Get rid of them, then head outside.
7 Outside, get in the boat and use the key to keep going deeper into the Reservoir. Drive around to the west until you reach another place to disembark. Enter the nearby hut to trigger a scene.
8 When you're back in control, run along what's left of the wharf to evade Moreau's attacks. Drop down from the ledge and go left up the hill to the Gatehouse. You won't be able to drain the area just yet, so exit through the second door. At the Windmill, attempt to turn the crank. It will break, so you'll need to head to Windmill Two to get a new one.
9 Resident Evil Village_20210508013242.jpg
Go inside the Windmill and take the ladder down. Follow the path of debris while avoiding Moreau to Windmill Two. When Moreau charges, wait until he passes through the small bridges so you don't get knocked into the water and die. When you reach a point where you can't go further, look for the two planks with yellow paint and hit or shoot them to knock down a bridge. Climb up the broken house and knock the cart in the water.
10 When you jump, down start pulling the Green, Blue, and Orange switches as you make your way around. At the end, pull the switches in the order Green, Blue, Orange and make a mad dash across. Run across the first bridge, then briefly step out onto the second to let Moreau dive past. Go to the platform with the barrel on it to avoid him again, then run to the end. Push the cart in to return to where you started, then push the other cart to finish the bridge to the Windmill.
11 Resident Evil Village_20210508014459.jpg
Break the goo blocking your way and head up a ladder to a switch. Pull it, then drop down onto the boat and destroy the goo that appears to enter Windmill Two. Inside slash the lock off the ladder and climb up. Grab the Crank, then use it to activate Windmill Two. Climb up the side and zipline across back to Windmill One. Use the Crank here as well to get the electricity started, then head back to the Gatehouse.
12 Resident Evil Village_20210508014946.jpg
In the Gatehouse, interact with the panel and make the colors match up with the diagram next to it, where the black line is the antenna. Pull the switch to drain the water from the Reservoir to fight Moreau. Leave the Gatehouse through the other exit and head down to find Moreau. You can find a M1911 - High-Capacity Mag. in a chest on your way down to the bottom of the Reservoir.
13 Once you reach the bottom, the fight with Moreau begins. Similar to Lady Dimitrescu, Moreau's body is also somewhat intact and sticking out of the larger portion's mouth. Shoot at this the same way you did with her to take him down quickly. When you deal enough damage, Moreau will spray an acid-like substance into the air, so quickly take cover in the area nearby where some items are. There are also some explosive barrels that you can take advantage of to deal more damage. You will receive a Crystal Moreau for defeating him.
14 Resident Evil Village_20210508020003.jpg
Head up north towards the exit and enter the room where you first encountered Moreau to receive the final part of the key to create the Six-Winged Unborn Key. Using this key, open the nearby gate and head back over to the Boat Shack near the mines. Now that the water is lowered you can access the red chest that was floating on a boat you couldn't reach before. Open it for a Silver Angel Statue, then head back and go up the elevator in the mines. Using the Crank, open the mechanical door outside the windmill.
15 Resident Evil Village_20210508021034.jpg
Grab the ammo from the houses and take out the Moroaica and Samca that attack you, then go around the back of the third building to crawl through a hole. Open the red chest for an M1851 Wolfsbane. You can also get the Mermaid Ball near the bridge as you come in. Solve the Labyrinth near the windmill for the Chartreuse Skull, then head back to the Altar to get ready for Heisenberg's test.

Luthier's House Cabinet Lock

The clue to solving this lock combination is written on the note on the table nearby that mentions, presumably, Luthier's child's birthday. Upon entering the house, you can see a drawing on the left wall that has a date which is used as the combination code to unlock the cabinet. The code is 270917.

All Combination Lock Codes

Break the Goo with your Knife


As you enter Moreau's Reservoir, you'll run into green goo that must be destroyed to move on. To conserve ammo, pull out your trusty Knife and swing away to break it.

Wood with Yellow Tape Can be Broken

Breakable Wood.png

You'll come across wood with yellow tape on it in Moreau's Reservoir. These can be destroyed with your Knife or any gun to continue onwards.

How to Get to the Crank

Light the Switches Like the Drawing

Using the drawing as reference, hit the switches to light them up in the correct order. Be aware that the drawing is rotated to the right so look for the black line that marks the antenna or use the black square as a reference point.

Use the Crank to Get to the Magnum

M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.png

Once you get the crank and escape Moreau's Reservoir, don't forget to open the mechanical door outside the windmill. Past the door is Moreau's Lab and the M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum in one of the houses.
M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum Weapon Stats and Upgrades

Moreau's Reservoir Maps and Item Locations

Moreau's Reservoir Maps and Treasure Locations


Village Graveyard

Village Old Town


Reservoir Gatehouse

Reservoir - Underground North

Reservoir - Underground South

Tent Map

Gatehouse (Flooded)

Reservoir (Flooded)

Gatehouse & Reservoir (Drained)

Map Key

Blue Key Item
Green Valuable
Purple Weapon/Attachment
Red Items
Breakable Icon.png Breakable
Goat.png Goat

List of Items

Key Items
Broken Slab Icon.pngBroken Slab Boat Key Icon.pngBoat Key
Crank Icon.pngCrank Photo of a Rare Animal Icon.pngPhoto of a Rare Animal
Mermaid Ball Icon.pngMermaid Ball Six-Winged Unborn Key Icon.pngSix-Winged Unborn Key
Arms Flask Icon.pngArms Flask
Treasure and Valuables
Steel Hraesvelgr Icon.pngSteel Hraesvelgr BerengarioBerengario's Chalice
Crystal Fragment Icon.pngCrystal Fragment Yellow Quartz Icon.pngYellow Quartz
Chartreuse Skull Icon.pngChartreuse Skull Silver Angel Statue Icon.pngSilver Angel Statue
Crystal Beast Icon.pngCrystal Beast Giant Crystal Axe Icon.pngGiant Crystal Axe
Pigeon Blood Ruby Icon.pngPigeon Blood Ruby Crystal Skull Icon.pngCrystal Skull
Perfect Crystal Skull Icon.pngPerfect Crystal Skull Large Crystal Icon.pngLarge Crystal
Crystal Wing Icon.pngCrystal Wing
Weapons & Attachments
F2 Rifle - High Capacity Mag Icon.pngF2 Rifle - High-Capacity Mag. GM 79 - Resident Evil Village.pngGM 79
M1911 - High Capacity Mag Icon.pngM1911 - High-Capacity Mag. M1851 Wolfsbane - Resident Evil Village.pngM1851 Wolfsbane
Crafting Materials
Rusted Scrap Icon.pngRusted Scrap
Gunpowder Icon.pngGunpowder
Herb Icon.pngHerb
Chem Fluid Icon.pngChem Fluid
Metal Scrap Icon.pngMetal Scrap
Mine Icon.pngMine
Handgun Ammo Icon.pngHandgun Ammo Shotgun Ammo Icon.pngShotgun Ammo
Sniper Rifle Ammo Icon.pngSniper Rifle Ammo Magnum Ammo Icon.pngMagnum Ammo
Flashbang Icon.pngFlashbang Explosive Rounds Icon.pngExplosive Rounds
Recovery Items
First Aid Med.pngFirst Aid Med
Poultry Icon.pngPoultry Fish Icon.pngFish
Meat Icon.pngMeat
Lockpick Icon.pngLockpick

Moreau's Reservoir Treasures

Crystal Moreau

Resident Evil Village Crystal Moreau.jpg

This treasure is given to you upon Moreau's defeat.
How to Get Crystal Moreau

Silver Angel Statue

World View Map View
Resident Evil Village_20210508020154.jpg

After defeating Moreau, return to the boat house and there will be a new path to the left where you first ride the boat. You will find this in a chest on a boat at the bottom.

Moreau's Reservoir Goats of Warding

Goat 12

World View Map View

As you approach the windmill, to turn on the sluice gate, go past the Crank. Move past the doorway, the twelfth Goat of Warding will be on the floor beside a pile of logs.

Goat 13

World View Map View

As you enter the Drowned Houses area, a particular rooftop will have a Cart you have to interact with to push which will serve as a bridge. On that same rooftop, the thirteenth Goat of Warding is on top of a wooden beam structure in the distance. Use your F2 Rifle to have a clear shot at the Goat of Warding.

Goat 14

World View Map View

As you exit Moreau's Reservoir, the area where you first rode the boat will now be walkable. Go inside the windmill. The fourteenth Goat of Warding is in the back part of the building.

List of All Goats of Warding and Where to Find Them

Moreau's Reservoir Files and Locations

Vasile's Final Testament

World View Map View

As soon as you unlock the gate and walk down to Moreau's Reservoir, a Varcolac will attack you. After the cutscene, you will be inside a house. The file is attached to a corpse.

The Reservoir and the Giant Fish

World View Map View

Just before you ride the boat, check the boathouse on your right. The file is inside the boathouse.

Changing the Crank

World View Map View

On your way to The Drowned Houses, there is a truck before you proceed. The file is on the truck seat.

Moreau's Diary 1

World View Map View

Before your battle with Moreau, this file is in the first house you see as you enter the area.

Moreau's Diary 2

World View Map View

After your battle with Moreau, this file is in the room to your left just before you open the gate.

Moreau's Diary of Experiments

World View Map View

This file is next to the chest containing Moreau's Hidden Weapon, the M1851 Wolfsbane.

List of All Files and Where to Find Them

Enemies Encountered in Moreau's Reservoir

Regular Enemies

Resident Evil Village - Reservoir Lycan
Armored Lycan


Moreau - Acid Rain.png
Moreau's transformed form is surprisingly fast for its size. Couple that speed with the water slowing your movements, and it is easy for the creature to catch up to you for a hit if you don't move quickly enough.

It has four main attacks: spewing acid at you, charging straight towards you, making it rain acid, and simply hitting you and knocking you to the ground when you get too close.
How to Beat Salvatore Moreau

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