Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

List of Demons

The Demons of SMT3

This is a guide to Demons in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) releasing for the Switch, PS4, and Steam. Learn more about their races, skills, and stats below.

What Are Demons

New Inhabitants of the World

Talking to Demon.jpg

After the Conception, the human world has been overrun by demons as its main citizens. You can encounter friendly demons that will engage in normal conversation while the majority will be hostile to you. They are enemies you fight in several areas of the game and learning how to best each demon is key to progressing the game.

How to Recruit Demons

Demon Talking.jpg

While fighting Demons, you can trigger several scenarios to engage in conversations with demons. The results can be random (you can give them everything they want and still not be recruited or you can decline all offers and they'll still join your party) so just keep on engaging in conversation with demons to add them to your roster!

How to Recruit Demons

Demons By Races

This is a list of all the demon races. The demon's race is a contributing factor to their likes in Recruitment as well as the results of fusions.

Avatar Avian Beast
Brute Deity Divine
Dragon Element Entity
Fairy Fallen Femme
Fiend Foul Fury
Genma Haunt Holy
Jirae Kishin Lady
Megami Mitama Night
Others Raptor Seraph
Snake Tyrant Vile
Wargod Wilder Yoma

List of Demons


The following list shows all Demons that can be encountered in the game.


Demon Level Race
Makami 22 Avatar
Yatagarasu 46 Avatar
Barong 60 Avatar
Xiezhai 26 Avatar


Demon Level Race
Garuda 63 Avian


Demon Level Race
Nekomata 18 Beast
Inugami 13 Beast
Badb Catha 23 Beast
Orthrus 34 Beast
Suparna 54 Beast
Cerberus 61 Beast


Demon Level Race
Shikigami 4 Brute
Momunofu 20 Brute
Oni 25 Brute
Yomotsu-Ikusa 44 Brute
Shiki-Ouji 54 Brute
Fuu-Ki 66 Brute
Kin-Ki 59 Brute
Sui-Ki 62 Brute
Ongyo-Ki 81 Brute


Demon Level Race
Atavaka 47 Deity
Horus 38 Deity
Odin 65 Deity
Amaterasu 56 Deity
Vishnu 93 Deity
Mitra 78 Deity


Demon Level Race
Angel 11 Divine
Power 33 Divine
Archangel 18 Divine
Principality 28 Divine
Dominion 50 Divine
Throne 64 Divine
Virtue 41 Divine


Demon Level Race
Xuanwu 24 Dragon
Qing Long 44 Dragon


Demon Level Race
Erthys 7 Element
Aeros 11 Element
Aquans 15 Element
Flaemis 20 Element


Demon Level Race
Albion 64 Entity


Demon Level Race
Pixie 2 Fairy
High Pixie 10 Fairy
Jack Frost 7 Fairy
Jack-o'-Lantern 19 Fairy
Kelpie 26 Fairy
Titania 57 Fairy
Troll 38 Fairy
Setanta 43 Fairy
Oberon 46 Fairy
Uber Pixie 80 Fairy


Demon Level Race
Forneus 20 Fallen
Eligor 29 Fallen
Berith 37 Fallen
Decarabia 58 Fallen
Flauros 68 Fallen
Ose 45 Fallen


Demon Level Race
Datsue-Ba 7 Femme
Taraka 20 Femme
Yomotsu-Shikome 32 Femme
Yaksini 43 Femme
Rangda 72 Femme
Dakini 52 Femme
Clotho 58 Femme
Lachesis 63 Femme
Atropos 67 Femme


Demon Level Race
Matador 30 Fiend
Daisoujou 37 Fiend
Hell Biker 42 Fiend
White Rider 52 Fiend
Red Rider 55 Fiend
Black Rider 61 Fiend
Dante 80 Fiend
Mother Harlot 69 Fiend
Trumpeter 77 Fiend
Pale Rider 63 Fiend


Demon Level Race
Will o' Wisp 1 Foul
Mou-Ryo 7 Foul
Slime 6 Foul
Specter Foul
Blob 16 Foul
Black Ooze 28 Foul
Phantom 42 Foul
Shadow 52 Foul
Sakahagi 45 Foul


Demon Level Race
Dionysus 44 Fury
Qitian Dasheng 54 Fury
Shiva 95 Fury
Beidou Xingjun 61 Fury


Demon Level Race
Kurama Tengu 38 Genma
Hanuman 46 Genma
Cu Chulainn 52 Genma


Demon Level Race
Preta 4 Haunt
Chatterskull 20 Haunt
Choronzon 11 Haunt
Yaka 17 Haunt
Pisaca 28 Haunt
Legion 49 Haunt
Vetala 63 Haunt


Demon Level Race
Senri 27 Holy
Shiisaa 13 Holy
Unicorn 21 Holy
Baihu 43 Holy
Zhuque 36 Holy
Chimera 55 Holy


Demon Level Race
Kodama 3 Jirae
Hua Po 5 Jirae
Sudama 13 Jirae
Sarutahiko 35 Jirae
Titan 49 Jirae
Gogmagog 55 Jirae


Demon Level Race
Take-Minakata 17 Kishin
Koumokuten 33 Kishin
Zouchouten 27 Kishin
Jikokuten 52 Kishin
Okuninushi 39 Kishin
Take-Mikazuchi 45 Kishin
Bishamonten 72 Kishin
Thor 76 Kishin
Futomimi 63 Kishin


Demon Level Race
Kushinada 41 Lady
Kikuri-Hime 24 Lady
Kali 67 Lady
Parvati 57 Lady
Skadi 74 Lady


Demon Level Race
Ame-no-Uzume 18 Megami
Sarasvati 30 Megami
Sati 48 Megami
Scathach 64 Megami
Lakshmi 54 Megami


Demon Level Race
Nigi Mitama 29 Mitama
Kushi Mitama 32 Mitama
Ara Mitama 25 Mitama
Saki Mitama 35 Mitama


Demon Level Race
Lilim 8 Night
Fomorian 18 Night
Succubus 37 Night
Incubus 25 Night
Loa 53 Night
Nyx 70 Night
Black Frost 66 Night
Lilith 80 Night
Queen Mab 82 Night
Kaiwan 47 Night


Coming Soon!


Demon Level Race
Gurulu 63 Raptor


Demon Level Race
Raphael 84 Seraph
Metatron 95 Seraph
Uriel 73 Seraph
Gabriel 87 Seraph
Michael 94 Seraph


Demon Level Race
Nozuchi 14 Snake
Naga 28 Snake
Naga Raja 32 Snake
Mizuchi 34 Snake
Quetzalcoatl 55 Snake
Yurlungur 66 Snake


Demon Level Race
Loki 52 Tyrant
Abaddon 69 Tyrant
Beelzebub (Human) 84 Tyrant
Beelzebub (Fly) 95 Tyrant
Mot 91 Tyrant
Aciel 80 Tyrant
Surt 74 Tyrant


Demon Level Race
Arahabaki 30 Vile
Baphomet 33 Vile
Pazuzu 45 Vile
Taotie 65 Vile
Samael 73 Vile
Mada 83 Vile
Girimekhala 59 Vile


Demon Level Race
Valkyrie 33 Wargod
Ganesha 58 Wargod


Demon Level Race
Zhen 6 Wilder
Bicorn 15 Wilder
Raiju 25 Wilder
Mothman 43 Wilder
Nue 31 Wilder
Hresvelgr 75 Wilder


Demon Level Race
Apsaras 8 Yoma
Isora 14 Yoma
Dis 23 Yoma
Koppa Tengu 19 Yoma
Karasu Tengu 28 Yoma
Ongkhot 37 Yoma
Jinn 44 Yoma
Efreet 52 Yoma
Pulukishi 48 Yoma

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