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This is a complete story walkthrough for Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne), including guides for all main quests, as well as optional side quests. Learn everything you need to know about each area, where to go next, and the most comprehensive story guides for each location!

Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough Guides

These guides are story walkthrough guides to progress the game's main storyline. The game is played on Maniax mode but we have noted which contents are only found in Maniax so people who play the base game without DLC contents can follow through with ease!

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital WalkthroughShinjuku Hospital Walkthrough Shibuya and Yoyogi Park WalkthroughYoyogi Park and Shibuya Walkthrough
Amala NetworkAmala Network 1 Walkthrough Ginza Walkthrough and Boss GuidesGinza and the Great Underpass Walkthrough
Ikebukuro WalkthroughIkebukuro Walkthrough Assembly of Nihilo WalkthroughAssembly of Nihilo Walkthrough
Kabukicho WalkthroughKabukicho Walkthrough Asakusa WalkthroughAsakusa Walkthrough
Amala Network 2 WalkthroughAmala Network 2 Walkthrough Yoyogi Park 2 WalkthroughYoyogi Park 2 Walkthrough
Amala Temple WalkthroughAmala Temple Walkthrough Mifunashiro and Yurakucho WalkthroughMifunashiro and Yurakucho Walkthrough
Diet Building WalkthroughDiet Building Walkthrough Bandou Shrine WalkthroughBandou Shrine Walkthrough
Tower of Kagutsuchi WalkthroughTower of Kagutsuchi Walkthrough

Labyrinth of Amala Guides

The Labyrinth of Amala is a semi-optional dungeon that the player can tackle by collecting Menorah from Fiend Bosses encountered throughout the game. They are strong adversaries so the utmost preparation is needed. Clearing the Labyrinth of Amala can allow you to reach the new ending that is only available in the Maniax/Chronicles version of the game!

First Kalpa WalkthroughFirst Kalpa Area
Recommended level: 20
Second Kalpa WalkthroughSecond Kalpa Area
Recommended level: 35
Third Kalpa WalkthroughThird Kalpa Area
Recommended level: 50
Fourth Kalpa Walkthrough Fourth Kalpa Area
Recommended level: 65
Fifth Kalpa GuideFifth Kalpa Area
Recommended level: 75

DLC Dungeon Guides

These dungeons are not part of the game's progression. The enemies here provide items that can net you several Macca or free level-ups upon completion. Use these dungeons to ease the game's grind-heavy nature to progress faster in the game!

Where the Demi-Fiend was Born GuideWhere the Demi-Fiend was Born Center of the Conception GuideCenter of the Conception

Ending Guide

While in the game, you will often encounter multiple decisions that can change your affiliation with certain characters in the game. These decisions will impact the possible ending you can obtain after clearing the game. Refer to our ending guide to see the best choices you can take to pursue certain endings!

Endings Guide: How to Get All Endings

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4 Anonymousover 2 years

Thanks for the guide Please get rid of video/pop up adds as they are annoying like HELL Thank you again, this is by far the best guide despite some minor error or some stuff missing here or there

3 Anonymousover 2 years

That's not true. White Rider only appears in front of the Asakusa Terminal/Fountain. Returning to Ginza or Shibuya is still safe.


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