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How to Beat Koumokuten: Koumokuten Weakness and Strategies

How to Beat Koumokuten Boss Guide

This is a guide to Koumokuten, a boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Koumokuten, Koumokuten's weaknesses, and best strategies against this boss!

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How to Beat KoumokutenHow to Beat Koumokuten How to Fuse KoumokutenHow to Fuse Koumokuten

Koumokuten Pre-Battle Guide

Only Available After Collecting All Magatama

Obtaining All Magatama

Players will only be able to access Bandou Shrine near the Tower of Kagutsuchi once they collect all the Magtama in the game. If in possession of a complete set, simply go to the Cathedral of Shadows and they will give you the key item needed to access Bandou Shrine.

For a complete list of all the Magatama and how to get them, visit our Magatama page for more information!

List of Magatama

Where to Find Koumokuten

The Pillar Nearest to the Top in Bandou Shrine

There will be 4 pillars on different levels in Bandou Shrine. Players will fight Koumokuten if they lower the Pillar nearest to the Top.

Recommended Magatama Gundari
Recommended Level 95 or higher

Strengths and Weaknesses




Attacks Phys, Force
Void Light, Dark, Ailments
Support Dragon Eye, Makakaja, Rakukaja, Rakunda, Focus

Koumokuten will always cast Dragon Eye at the start of his turn, giving him 4 extra actions. If he casts Makakaja, this means that his next attacks will be either Zandyne or Mazandyne. While they deal a moderate amount of Force damage, this is easily healed by a demon with strong HP recovery spells.

If Koumokuten casts Rakukaja first (after Dragon Eye), then this means he is about to use either of his Physical skills, Deathbound or Berserk. His turn will have him buffing himself, debuffing the player's party using Rakunda, then casting two rounds of Physical skills. These attacks usually crit, dealing a lot of damage in a short amount of time.

The biggest threat to players is when Koumokuten casts Focus, since it is followed by a buffed Phys attack that crits and targets everyone. This can bring even your high-level demons to critical HP levels, so make sure to bring Phys resistant demons as Koumokuten's Phys attacks are the real danger during this fight.

Best Demons to Use Against Koumokuten

Best Demons to Use
Atropos iconAtropos Lilith iconLilith Albion iconAlbion
Mother Harlot iconMother Harlot

How to Beat Koumokuten

Summon Demons with Phys Absorb/Repel

Koumokuten Deathbound Phys Resist

While Koumokuten will mainly use Force spells, his main damaging ability will be the Deathbound Phys skill. This skill almost always crits, allowing for one-shot and two-shot opportunities that will leave you with 1 demon less. To counter Deathbound, summon demons that can absorb or repel Phys attacks to cut short Koumokuten's turns.

Exploit his Weakness to Electricity

Koumokuten Electricity Weakness

Grant yourself extra turns for healing and buffing by having 1-2 demons with Elec spells in your active party. Even unbuffed, these spells are crucial since they grant you the extra turns you need to recover from Koumokuten's attacks and debuffs.

Fuse Mother Harlot

Mother Harlot

Mother Harlot is another good Fiend Fusion since she can repel Phys as well as learn Elec spells. She will be useful to have for cutting short Koumokuten's turns while also giving you extra press turns through the weakness exploit mechanic.

Mother Harlot Stats and Skills

Summon Demons with Rakukaja

Koumokuten Rakunda

Have your team equipped with at least 1 demon who can cast Rakukaja. This will counter Koumokuten's debuffs especially when he prepares to cast Deathbound. Do not let him cast Rakunda on your party, without having a buff of Rakukaja beforehand. Otherwise, his Phys attacks will be powerful enough to one-shot your lower-level demons.

Note that you'll only need Rakukaja since he only ever debuffs you once. Unless you allow him to stack Rakunda's on your party, Rakukaja should be enough. Otherwise, bring a demon with Dekunda.

How to Learn Rakukaja

Equip Demi-fiend with Force Null or Absorb

Due to Koumokuten's tendency to use Phys over Force, it is enough to have at least one Force Null/Absorb in your party. Have the Demi-fiend equip Gundari if you find yourself short of a demon with Force resistances.

Bring a Dedicated Healer

Bring a Healer

A healer is necessary for this fight since Koumokuten will alternate between Force and Phys attacks that target the entire party. Even if you manage to end his turn through resistances, the damage he deals is still significant enough that it calls for a heal every turn.

Be comfortable dispelling buffs and casting debuffs

Unlike some of the other Bandou Shrine bosses, Koumokuten will buff himself and debuff your party within the same turn. Get comfortable dispelling and applying buffs/de-buffs since this will allow you to survive while chipping away at his sizeable HP bar.

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