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What Does Agility (Agi) Do

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This is a guide to the Agility (Agi) Stat in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam! Read on to learn what is Agility, what is the effect of Agility, and should you raise your agility stat.

What Does Agility Do?

The Agility stat affects the Demi-Fiend's chance to hit attacks and his turn order during battle.

A higher Agility number means that attacks will hit more often, and that the Demi-Fiend will have a high chance of being the first to take his turn during battle.

For example, if the Demi-Fiend has 10 Agi and the rest of his party members have 9, he will always have the first turn in battle.

How To Raise Agility

Levelling Up

The Agility stat can be raised by spending skill points when the Demi-Fiend levels up. Sometimes, when a magatama acts violently during a level up, it can even grant you a random bonus stat point!

Equipping Magatama

Magatama each give different boosts to the Demi-Fiend's stats. Swapping equipped magatama can raise the Agi stat when certain ones are equipped. For example, the Hifumi Magatama gives a +4 bonus to Agi.

List of Magatama

Using Items

Stats can also be permanently raised outside of leveling-up by using an item called Incense.

Incense, when consumed, grants 1 extra point to their associated stat. For example, Agility Incense raises Agi. by 1.

Incenses can be obtained from shops by getting 10 lucky tickets and availing the box prizes from the junk shop!

How to Farm Lucky Tickets

Should You Raise Agility Stat?

It is Recommended to Raise the Agility Stat

Agility should be raised alongside Str. and Vit. as these are three stats that greatly benefit players at all stages of the game.

High agility prevents misses, preventing players from wasting precious Press Turns during battle.

Build Guide: Best Demi-fiend Stat Builds

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