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How to Get Deathstones: Deathstone Fusion List

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Some Demons may only be acquired through Deathstone Fusions. This guide will tell you what Deathstones are, how to get them, how they're used as well as all the different Demons you can get through Deathstone Fusion in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam!

What Are Deathstones?

Deathstones are cursed stones that call upon forces of death. Depending on the phase of the moon, and your progress in the game, Deathstones may alter the outcome of fusions and allow you to unlock members of the Fiend race instead.
How to Fuse Demons

How to Get Deathstones?

Obtained in the Kalpa Dungeons

Deathstones are found throughout the Kalpa Dungeons. They're often contained in Cache Cubes found after clearing the major puzzles of a Kalpa.

Bought in the Third Kalpa Dungeon

In the Third Kalpa Dungeon, a Shady Broker can be found in the Neutral-aligned room of the Luck Path. You'll need at least 14 Luck to unlock his room, but when you do, he will sell you unlimited Deathstones for 100,000 Macca each.

What Does Luck Do

List of Deathstone Locations

First Kalpa B1

1 Cache Cube central pitfall trap room.
2 Cache Cube behind the locked silver door.

Second Kalpa B2

1 Cache Cube just before the teleporter.

Second Kalpa B3

1 Cache Cube behind the locked silver door.

Third Kalpa 1F

1 Cache Cube in the Strength Area of the 1F level.
2 Cache Cube in the Luck Area of the 1F level.

Third Kalpa B1

1 Cache Cube behind the Dark alignment door, under the Strength Area.
2 Cache Cube behind the Light alignment door, under the Magic Area.

Fourth Kalpa 1F

1 Found inside a Cache Cube at the end of the hallway with illusory walls.

Fourth Kalpa Road To Hell

1 Found inside a Cache Cube behind two invisible walls.

Fourth Kalpa Hell's Vault

1 Found inside a Cache Cube.
2 Cache Cube behind the door guarded by the spirit of an Old Man.

Fourth Kalpa Hell's Hall

1 Found inside a Cache Cube at the far end of the area.

Fifth Kalpa B2

1 3 Deathstones inside a Cache Cube.
Unlockable after meeting with the Old Man at the bottom of the Labyrinth.

How to Use Deathstones?

As long as you have Deathstones in your inventory, they will affect your fusions in the Cathedral of Shadows. You'll know that a fusion will be affected by a deathstone if the fusion chart presents a Skull instead of the usual circles or triangles.

Keep in mind that a Deathstone is used up upon fusion. This means that you'll have to be sure of your fusion since you won't be able to retry it.

How to Fuse Demons

List of Deathstone Fusions

The following Demons can only be acquired through Deathstone Fusions. You'll need to have beaten them as bosses before you will be able to summon them.

Deathstone Fusable Demons
Matador iconMatador Daisoujou iconDaisoujou Hell Biker iconHell Biker
White Rider iconWhite Rider Red Rider iconRed Rider Black Rider iconBlack Rider
Mother Harlot iconMother Harlot Trumpeter iconTrumpeter

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