Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Heal and Revive Demons

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This is a guide for healing and reviving demons in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam! Read on to learn how to heal the demons in your party and how to revive your fallen allies.

How to Heal Demons

Using HP Recovery Items

HP Recovery Item Usage

Players can use HP recovery items to heal the wounded demons in their party.

Items such as Medicine and Life Stones restore a certain amount of HP to a damaged ally, while Beads and Somas fully replenish their HP.

Using Healing Skills

Party Healing Using Skills

Skills, particularly Magic Skills, can also be used to heal demons.

Magic skills like Media or Dia can restore the HP of damaged demons, while HP-draining magic skills like Deathtouch damage the target enemy while healing the caster.

Using the Fountain of Life

Fountain of Life

Players can also use the many Fountains of Life scattered around the map to heal wounded demons at the cost of Macca. From the menu, select Heal, and a list of your demons will appear alongside the cost to heal each one.

How to Revive Demons

Dead Demon

When a demon is killed during combat, it will become unavailable for the rest of the battle unless revived. Here are the different ways to revive demons.

Using Revival Items

Revive Using Revival Bead

Revival items can be used both inside and outside of combat on demons with the Dead status. Outside of combat, revival items can be found in the Item category and they are used just like healing items.

Caution During Combat

Low HP When Revived

It is risky to revive allied demons during battle due to the fact that their HP will be in critical levels when resurrected and you'll need to swap demons back into battle using the Demi-Fiend's turn. It will consume a lot of resources and turns while giving enemies free turns to attack your party so be careful!

How to Swap Demons

Using the Fountain of Life

Revive Cost at Fountain

Players can also use the many Fountains of Life scattered around the map to revive dead demons at the cost of Macca.

From the menu, select Revive, and a list of dead demons in your roster will appear. Spend Macca to revive the ones that need reviving.

Do note that reviving using this method is like using a Revival Bead. Demons who are reawakened in this manner will do so with only a bit of HP. Players must heal them to full before using them in battle.

Using Revival Skills

Players can use Revive Skills in order to bring dead party members back to life. The three skills that are most common from recruited demons are Recarm, Recarmdra, and Samarecarm.

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