Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

List of Incenses: How to farm Incenses

This is a list of all Incense Items in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch. PS4, and Steam. Read on to see a list of all Incenses in the game, their effects, and how to farm Incenses!

How to Farm Incenses

Obtain Incenses from Lucky Ticket Boxes!

Lucky Ticket Step 6.jpg

When shopping from Junk Shops, you'll be rewarded with a Lucky Ticket. Collecting 10 of this will make the Shopkeeper give you a colored box that contains random items. The White Box contains Incenses that can boost the Demi-Fiend's stats.

How to Farm Lucky Tickets: Lucky Ticket Prize List

Open Mystical Chests on Full Moon

Mystical Chest 3 - Ginza Loki

Mystical Chests are different from Cache cubes in that its contents can change depending on the moon's phase. Its rewards are always the best during full moons so make sure to stay awile before opening these chests.

List of Mystical Chests

Always Level up Demons

While this situation is rare, when Demons level up, they will sometimes give you a random item. These items can range from rocks to restoratives and even Incenses!

Best Leveling Areas

List of Incense Items

This is a list of all Incense items in SMT3. Incense items affect player stats permanently, raising a stat by 1 with every use. They are used to raise stats without having to level-up.

Item Effect
Magic Incense Raises Magic by 1 and full HP recovery for one ally.
Agility Incense Raises Agility by 1 and full HP recovery for one ally.
Luck Incense Raises Luck by 1 and full HP recovery for one ally.
Vitality Incense Raises Vitality by 1 and full HP recovery for one ally.
Strength Incense Raises Strength by 1 and full HP recovery for one ally.

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Is the white box the only one that gives Incenses? Sometimes I'll get an incense out of them and sometimes i'll just get a balm of rising or something


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