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How to Open Locked Door in Mantra HQ

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This is a guide to opening the Mantra HQ prison door in Ikebukuro for Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). Read on to learn how to open the door in Ikebukuro as well as the rewards inside!

How to Find the Locked Door

The Door is in the Mantra HQ Prison

The door can be found just after all the prisoner cells in the Mantra HQ Prison. The Prison itself is in the B1 level of the Mantra HQ Building.

Speak to the Incubus demon prisoner next to Isamu's cell, and he will direct you to the locked door.

Can only be Accessed After Beating Thor

Thor Boss Fight

The door can only be accessed after the Thor boss fight when you first arrive at the Mantra HQ.

After you beat the boss, players will be allowed to explore the Mantra HQ Building. Simply take the elevator or the stairs down to the basement to find the prison.

How to Beat Thor

How to Open the Locked Door

You need 24 Base Strength

Opening the Door

In order to open the locked door, players will need 24 points in the Strength Stat. This is base Strength which means that any bonuses from Magatamas will not be counted.

Players without 24 Base Strength will have to level-up and invest in the stat to open the door. For a tips on how to level-up quickly, visit our Best Leveling Areas page!

What Does Strength Do

Locked Door Rewards

Cache Cube with the Gaea Magatama

Gaea Magatama Reward

There will be a single Cache Cube behind the locked door. It will have the Gaea Magatama inside it. The Gaea Magatama is a good Physical Magatama which greatly resonates with the required stat to open the door. This is one of the best Magatamas to have for physical builds.

Gaea Magatama Stats

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It opened for me with 25 base strength. No magatama equipped that increased my strength.


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