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List of Shady Brokers

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This is a list of all the Shady Brokers in the Labyrinth of Amala for Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Read on to see a list of Shady Brokers, where to find them, and what they sell.

What are Shady Brokers?

They are NPCs that Sell Powerful Demons

Shady Broker Amala Labyrinth NPC

Shady Brokers are a type of NPC players can find scattered throughout the Amala Labyrinth. They sell the player different versions of existing demons that have specialized, if not powerful, skillsets.

These demons are great additions to any player's roster but, remember, most of them cost a lost of Macca.

List of Shady Brokers

First Kalpa

First Kalpa Shady Brokers
1 Sells a Pisaca demon for 15,000 Macca.

Special Pisaca is Good for Exploration

The First Kalpa Broker sells an almost future-proof, early to mid-game Pisaca loaded with useful exploration skills.

Not only can it influence combat encounters using Riberama and Estoma, it can also negate many world effects like floor damage and darkness using Liftoma and Lightoma.

The best part about having these skills is that they don't have to be in the active party to be useful. This Pisaca is utility at its best.

Pisaca Stats and Skills

Second Kalpa

Second Kalpa Shady Brokers
1 Sells a Nue demon for 30,000 Macca.

Special Nue is a Good Medic

The Second Kalpa Broker sells a very good support Nue that has good HP and MP Recovery skills.

Boasting many recovery skills including the Samarecarm skill that revives a dead ally with full HP, this Nue will pay for itself once players reach the harder dungeons and areas later in the game.

Nue Stats and Skills

Third Kalpa

Third Kalpa Shady Brokers
1 Sells an unlimited amount of Deathstones for 100,000 Macca each.
2 Sells a Preta demon for 150,000 Macca
14 Luck needed to access.
3 Sells a Arahabaki demon for 70,000 Macca.
20 Magic needed to access.

1. Deathstones are used for Special Fusions

Deathstones are used during Fusion to produce the different Fiend bosses that players fight during the game. With Deathstone fusion, players can have demons like Matador or Daisoujou as allies.

So far, players can only get a limited number of Deathstones from the First and Second Kalpas. The Shady Broker here, sells an unlimited number of Deathstones for a hefty price.

How to Get Deathstones & Fusion List

2. Special Preta has Almighty Skills

Almighty Skills are some of the best skills players can have as demons rarely possess resistances for them. This Preta demon has three: Megido, Megidola, and Megidolaon.

Buy this small guy to immediately boost your party's offensive capabilites by a large amount.

Preta Stats and Skills

3. Special Arahabaki is a Walking Party Buff

The special Arahabaki comes loaded with skills that buff your party's resistances and raise survivability during combat. Skills like Rakukaja and Sukukaja increase the party's defense and evasion/hit rate, while others like Dekaja negate all -kaja buffs your enemies have.

These skills, coupled with the Arahabaki's natural resistances, makes sure that this special demon will allow your party to outlast most of the fights the game throws at you.

Arahabaki Stats and Skills

Fourth Kalpa

Fourth Kalpa Shady Brokers
1 Sells a Mothman demon for 50,000 Macca.

Special Mothman is Great for Clearing Mobs

The Shady Broker in the 1F level of the Fourth Kalpa dungeon will sell a special Mothman to players that has many target-all skills for each element including Dark, Light, and Almighty.

This Mothman is a multi-target, offensive spellcaster, that can clear mobs with ease. Especially useful for farming items and EXP.

Mothman Stats and Skills

Fifth Kalpa

Fifth Kalpa Shady Brokers
1 Sells a Girimekhala demon for 200,000 Macca.

Special Girimhekhala has a Strong Physical Burst

The Shady Broker in the B5 level of the Fifth Kalpa dungeon will sell a special Girimekhala that has the Pierce skill, making him a very strong Physical attacker that can also reflect any Physical attacks directed at him.

The biggest advantage of having this Girimekhala is that you can register him in the Demon Compendium and use him as Fusion material for inheriting the Pierce skill.

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