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How to Beat Metatron: Metatron Weakness and Strategies

How to Beat Metatron Boss Fight

This is a guide to Metatron, an optional boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Metatron, Metatron's weaknesses, and best strategies against this boss!

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Metatron Pre-Battle Guide

Only Fought in the Maniax/Chronicles DLC

To fight Metatron, you must have played the Maniax or Chronicles Version of the game. They're DLC content that adds new characters, several optional bosses, and a new dungeon required for a certain ending!

List of DLC and Pricing

Where to Find Metatron

B5 Level of the Fifth Kalpa

Metatron can be found waiting in the central chamber of the Fifth Kalpa's B5 level. Upon entering the door, a cutscene will play that leads immediately to the boss fight. Prepare for the fight before you enter, just like with Beelzebub!

Recommended Magatama Sophia or Geis
Recommended Level 75 or higher.

Strengths and Weaknesses



Metatron does not have any weaknesses to exploit. However, players can abuse buffs/de-buffs since Metatron often wastes a press turn just to dispel them.


Attacks Almighty, Light, and Phys
Void Light, Dark, Ailments
Support Dekaja, Dekunda, Tarukaja, Makakaja, Debilitate

Metatron will use a mixture of buffs/debuffs at the start of his turn, then proceed to attack. Phases of the battle can usually be determined by the types of attacks he uses. At the start, he will use Light and Phys attacks, with the occasional Megidolaon. When he is sufficiently weak enough, he will begin using Fire of Sinai.

Metatron will also have access to a lot of support skills like Tarukaja and Makakaja. He will also actively dispel player buffs/de-buffs using Dekunda and Dekaja. Waste his press turns by buffing so that he uses Dekunda instead of casting Debilitate on your entire party.

Best Demons to Use Against Metatron

Best Demons to Use
Titania iconTitania Nyx iconNyx Dante iconDante
Amaterasu iconAmaterasu Mother Harlot iconMother Harlot

How to Beat Metatron

Summon Demons with At Least 20 Vit

The latter stage of the Metatron boss battle, will have him use his Almighty skill, Fire of Sinai. It deals a ton of damage and, it cannot be blocked. For players to survive this onslaught, they will need to bring along demons with a high HP pool to play with.

Equip and Build a Party with Null Light

Aside from Phys attacks, Metatron will use a lot of Light based skills during the early stages of battle like Mahamaon and Holy Wrath. Bring along demons that can Rpl or Null Light in order to waste Metatron's turn.

Do not neglect the Demi-fiend, as well. Despite Mahamaon not being a guaranteed insta-kill, it would be best to prepare for the eventuality. Equip Magatama that can null Light.

Bring a dedicated healer for Metatron's Many Burst Skills

Metatron's attacks will deal a lot of damage, so turns without healing will almost always be punished. Remember to keep an eye on your party's health as losing a demon during the early stages of the fight will make it very difficult for you to recover as it wastes a turn having to summon a new ally.

Abuse Buffs and Debuffs

While Metatron will have Dekunda and Dekaja de-buffing him or buffing your party will always pay off as he needs to spend 1 press turn to get rid of either. That's 1 turn without having to recieve damage, while still being able to chip away at his HP.

Have a Dedicated Damage Dealer

At this point in the game, players will need to play around the Demi-fiend or some other dedicated damage dealer in their party. Due to the amount of burst damage Metatron can do, it would not be advisable to have all of your demons attack in a single turn.

Spread out your roles by having 1 (max 2) dedicated damage dealer/s during the fight, with the other 2-3 being supports.

Hire Dante

dante screencap.jpg

You'll encounter Dante at the beginning of the Fifth Kalpa. Players will then be given the choice of hiring him.

Bringing along Dante opens up your options for dealing damage since, when fully leveled, he'll have access to both Almighty skills and a Pierce passive called Son's Oath. This will drastically boost your damage without having to power level a new demon.

How to Get Dante

Fuse Mother Harlot

Mother Harlot.jpg

Mother Harlot can Reflect/Null 2 out the 3 types of attacks Metatron uses (Phys and Light). This wastes the press turn he uses for attack, allowing players to survive the first few stages of Light/Phys damage.]

Press the Attack during Fire of Sinai Phase

When Metatron enters the final stages of his boss fight, he will consistently use the Almighty skill, Fire of Sinai. This deals massive Almighty damage to random foes with the potential to insta-kill some of your lower level demons.

During this phase, focus on healing and dealing as much damage as you can rather than wasting a turn re-summoning a new demon. This is because, during this phase, Metatron will keep using his bursts. It is better to heal up and recover, than call for reinforcements.

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