Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

Rag's Jewelry Shop


This is a page for Rag's Jewelry Shop in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). Read on to know what items and wares are sold in the shop along with their prices!

What is Rag's Jewelry Shop

Rag's Jewelry Shop is a unique shop that sells special items and goods in exchange for Gems.

The shop's stock also changes randomly with new items for sale, but also maintains a default listing of items.

List of Gems

Rag's Jewelry Shop Location

Rag's Jewelry Shop can be found in Ginza, between the Ginza Cathedral of Shadows and Nyx's Lounge.

Ginza Walkthrough, Boss Battles, and Item Locations

Rag's Jewelry Shop Items

Usable Items

Name Type Cost for Trade
Attack Mirror Item 1x Opal
1x Turquoise
Attract Pipe Item 1x Coral
1x Turquoise
Balm of Rising Item 1x Pearl
Bead Chain Item 3x Aquamarine
Chakra Pot Item 2x Sapphire
Dekaja Rock Item 1x Coral
1x Garnet
Great Chakra Item 1x Diamond
Magic Mirror Item 1x Opal
1x Onyx
Megido Rock Item 1x Ruby
Megidola Rock Item 2x Ruby
Pot of Death Item 1x Emerald
1x Coral
Repulse Bell Item 1x Turquoise
1x Garnet
Smoke Ball Item 1x Aquamarine
1x Onyx
Soma Droplet Item 1x Amethyst
Tetraja Rock Item 1x Aquamarine
1x Garnet


Name Type Level Cost for Trade
Aeros Element 11 (Default) 2x Turquoise
1x Agate
Aquans Element 15 (Default) 2x Aquamarine
1x Agate
Erthys Element 7 (Default) 2x Onyx
1x Agate
Flaemis Element 20 (Default) 1x Pearl
1x Coral


Name Type Level Cost for Trade
Ara Mitama Mitama 25 (Default) 1x Jade
1x Ruby
Kushi Mitama Mitama 32 (Default) 1x Jade
1x Opal
Nigi Mitama Mitama 29 (Default) 1x Jade
1x Amethyst
Saki Mitama Mitama 35 (Default) 1x Jade
1x Sapphire

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