Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

Ginza Walkthrough, Boss Battles, and Item Locations

Ginza Walkthrough and Boss Guides

This is a story walkthrough for Ginza in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne (HD Remastered) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, story section, boss strategies, general tips, and a list of items that can be found.

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Amala Network 1 Ikebukuro

Ginza Maps



Harumi Warehouse


Great Underpass of Ginza


Zoshigaya Cemetery

Zoshigaya Cemetery

Ginza Story Walkthrough

Ginza Mall

1 After using the Amala Link, you'll be transported to Ginza Mall B1.
There is a Fountain of Life at the Northeast door.
2 From the terminal, go through the North door then head Northeast to Nyx's Lounge.
You can find Rag's Jewelry (door with Yellow symbol) and a Cathedral of Shadows (door with Purple symbol).
3 Speak with Madam Nyx and say you are looking for the Assembly of Nihilo.
madam nyx
4 Leave Nyx's Lounge then head West. Then turn left at the end of the hall to a South door.
5 Go up the stairs then exit the area.
6 You will be taken to the World Map. Go Southwest then stop at the middle of the intersection. Take the bottom left road until you reach Assembly of Nihilo.
7 Return to Madam Nyx after talking to Berith at the Assembly of Nihilo.
8 You will then be instructed to look for Gozu-Tennoh in Ikebukuro.
9 Head back out to the World Map and cross the bridges. Go Southeast and enter Harumi Warehouse.
10 Continue forward and enter the garage door.
There are items nearby that you can pick up.
11 Push South, then take a right to access an S-Terminal (garage door with Orange symbol).
We advise you to save your game at this point.
12 Exit S-Terminal, head East, and then examine the Switch. Continue and then descend down the ladder.

Great Underpass of Ginza

13 From B1, keep pushing West until you go through two doors, and then a cutscene will ensue.
14 Continue West, turn right, and then descend the Northeast ladder (to where the Man was in the cutscene).
15 Go forward and take the farthest door. Follow the path in the new room and go through the door.
16 You will reach another platform. Go through the West door. Continue forward and another cutscene plays.
17 Press forward then turn right to the Northwest. Keep pushing forward and enter the West door.
18 Another cutscene with a group of Manikins.
There's a Terminal through the first North door.
Across on the other platform, a Junk Shop at the South door.
19 Cross to the Southwest platform, and then climb up the ladder to the Southeast.
20 From B1 platform, go Northeast to the other side, and continue forward. Descend the ladder you locate.
21 Back on the B2 platform, go West and then enter through the Northwest door.
22 Another cutscene with a Collector Manikin.
collector manikin
23 Exit the room and go back up the ladder. From B1 platform, go Northeast to the other side, and continue forward until you reach the farthest West door. Enter then talk to the Manikin Gatekeeper.
24 After being denied access, go back to the Collector Manikin and accept their Request in exchange for help.
collector manikin
25 Head back over to Ginza (a city crowded with people), return to Nyx's Lounge.
You can use the Terminal found in Step 18.

Collector Manikin's Request

26 Exit the Terminal. Go through the North door, and then exit Ginza.
27 On the World Map, go to the upper-right road and enter the building.
step 27.jpg
28 Follow the path go through the door.
There are items you can pick up in this room. Prepare for the boss fight that's about to ensue after you leave the room!
29 Leave the room after gathering Items.
Boss Fight troll Boss Battle: Troll
31 After the boss fight, you may go back to the Great Underpass of Ginza.

Great Underpass of Ginza - Part 2

32 Go back to the Collector Manikin and speak with him. They will hand you a letter that can help you get through the Guard Manikin.
collector manikin
33 Give the letter to the Guard Manikin and pass through.
step 33
35 Make your way to the West door and prepare for an upcoming Boss Fight.
Boss Fight matador Boss Battle: Matador
37 After defeating Matador, you will obtain the Menorah of Foundation.

Labyrinth of Amala Will Be Unlocked

lady in black

Lady in Black will now grant you access to the Labyrinth of Amala after defeating Matador, seeing as you now hold Menorah of Foundation, proving your worth and strength.

Great Underpass of Ginza A

38 Start towards West and enter the West door.
39 Follow the path, turn left going South and then enter the West door.
An S-Terminal can be found inside the West door before the ladder.
40 Descend the ladder, move down the stairs and head Northwest. Go up to the further platform to the Northwest and climb up the ladder.
41 Follow the path and descend the ladder to your left.
42 On B2, follow the pathway and climb the ladder.

Great Underpass of Ginza B

43 Enter the West door and then climb down the nearest ladder (Northwest ladder).
44 Get down the platform, to the water, then go straight ahead to the right-side stairs. Climb up the ladder.
45 Pace a little to the West and descend the North ladder.
46 Get down the platform, to the water, then go straight ahead again to the right-side stairs. Open the Northwest door.
There is an S-Terminal located at the left-side stairs.
47 Climb the ladder and go through the door at the top.
48 On B1, enter the door to your right. Push forward and enter the door.
You might engage in a demon battle.demon fight
49 Keep right in the cylindrical hallway and climb the ladder.
You might engage in a demon battle.demon fight
50 You will reach Zoshigaya Cemetery. Continue forward and exit the area.
zoshigaya cemetery
51 On the World Map, come up from the cemetery and head North. Enter the building to proceed with the story.

Ginza Boss Fights


Troll Boss Fight

This Troll isn't letting you escape with all of Loki's treasures. Time to play Mind games with this Troll.

List of Boss Weaknesses

This big boss in the lounge will utilize Ice attacks. And, yes, it will absorb your Ice attacks, so don't summon Ice attack-reliant demons to your party! While Mind skills do not necessarily inflict damage, exploiting Troll's weakness towards it will offer you more turns.

We highly suggest equipping Wadatsumi Magatama to Demi-Fiend so he'll be able to block Ice attacks, likewise, bringing along other demons that can block Ice is a sound decision.


Matador Boss Fight.png

Matador challenges you to a duel to determine who is truly worthy of the Menorah. Use every skill at your disposal to get through this very tough boss.

List of Boss Weaknesses
None, but Phys attacks can go a long way in damaging Matador.

Matador gets two turns, and more often than not, he will always buff himself before striking. Buff your party by increasing your defense and offense.

He utilizes Force and Phys attacks, and drains Force attacks. We highly suggest equipping Hifumi Magatama to block Force, and to bring along demons that can block Force.

Obtainable Magatamas


Ankh can be purchased at the Junk Shop in the Great Underpass of Ginza.

Ankh Magatama


Hifumi can be purchased at the Junk Shop in the Great Underpass of Ginza.

Hifumi Magatama


Kamudo can be purchased at the Junk Shop in the Great Underpass of Ginza.

Kamudo Magatama

Ginza Obtainable Items

World Map

Ariake soma droplet (1).png

Obtained from Items
1 Ariake
East of Ginza
Soma Droplet x 1

Ginza: B1

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Repulse Bell x 1
2 Cache Cube 1000 Yen Bill x 1
3 Mystical Chest Sapphire x 1
4 Mystical Chest Pearl x 1
5 Mystical Chest Emerald x 1

Harumi Warehouse: 1F

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Muscle Drink x 1
2 Cache Cube Makajam Rock x 1

Great Underpass of Ginza: B2

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Poison Arrow x 1
2 Cache Cube Mahama Rock x 2
3 Cache Cube Maragi Rock x 2
4 Mystical Chest Bead Chain x 1
5 Mystical Chest Bead Chain x 1
6 Cache Cube Life Stone x 2
7 Cache Cube It's a trap! Your party takes damage.
8 Mystical Chest Amethyst x 1
9 Mystical Chest Diamond x 1

Great Underpass of Ginza: B1

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Medicine x 2
2 Cache Cube Smoke Ball x 1
3 Cache Cube Medicine x 2
4 Cache Cube Soma Droplet x 1

Ginza General Tips

Level Up Demi-Fiend to At Least Lvl18 Before Facing Matador

Matador is your toughest fight so far at this point in the game, so make Demi-Fiend and your demons stronger. You can level grind in the Ginza Underpass tunnels.

Prioritize Buying Hifumi and Kamudo Magatama

Lucky Ticket Step 4.jpg

You can purchase both of these Magatama from the Manikin’s shop.

List of Magatama

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