Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Beat Hell Biker: Hell Biker Weakness and Strategies

How to Beat Hell Biker

This is a guide to Hell Biker, a boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Hell Biker, Hell Biker's weaknesses, and best strategies against this boss!

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Hell Biker Pre-Battle Guide

Only Fought in the Maniax/ Chronicles DLCs

To fight Hell Biker, you must have played the Maniax or Chronicles Version of the game. They're DLC content that adds new characters, several optional bosses, and a new dungeon required for a certain ending!

List of DLC and Pricing

Recommended Magatama Kamudo or Gaea
Recommended Level 30 or higher

Where to Find Hell Biker

Hell Biker can be found on top of the Highway System, south of Ikebukuro. To access this location, players must go through the Guarded Door Exit (A) located in the 1F of Mantra HQ.

Move south along the highway until the Menorah starts acting up. After a few prompts, players will be teleported to the Hell Biker boss battle.

Strengths and Weaknesses


None, but Physical Attacks can go a long way.

Hell Biker does not have any Elemental weakness, however, using Phys Attacks is good for dealing damage.


Attacks Phys, Fire, Force
Absorb Force
Void Fire, Light, Dark, Ailments
Support Hell Exhaust, Hell Throttle, Dekunda

Hell Biker will mainly use Phys, Fire, and Force Attacks, so we recommend bringing along demons that can block these types of attacks. Likewise, Hell Biker can Absorb Force, so never use this attack as the damage you'll be dealing will just turn into HP for Hell Biker.

Hell Biker can also Void Fire, Light, Dark, and Ailment skills, so don't use these as well as you will only be wasting your turn.

Hell Biker has three Support skills including Hell Exhaust a Force attack that can cancel out your party's buffs in a single turn, Hell Throttle which grants Hell Biker three extra turns, and Dekunda which negates your Debuffs on it.

Best Demons to Use Against Hell Biker

Best Demons to Use
Nozuchi iconNozuchi Momunofu iconMomunofu Fomorian iconFomorian
Xuanwu iconXuanwu Makami iconMakami Dionysus iconDionysus
Loki iconLoki Oni iconOni Amaterasu iconAmaterasu

How to Beat Hell Biker

Don't Overinvest in Buffs


You can still buff your party, however, take note that Hell Biker has Hell Exhaust a Force attack that can cancel out your party's buffs in a single turn.

Use a buff like Focus or Tarukaja before using a Phys attack. This allows you to maximize your Phys Attack's damage output in the short turns you get.

Use a buff like Makakaja before using a Magic skill. This allows you to maximize your Magic Attack's damage output in the short turns you get.

Don't Overinvest in Debuffing Hell Biker


Hell Biker has Dekunda which negates your Debuffs on it. It is fine to debuff Hell Biker but you shouldn't overinvest or Hell Biker will simply cancel it all out in a single turn.

Use Tarunda or War Cry to lower its Phys/Magic Attacks. You will take less damage if you debuff its attacks. Use Rakunda to lower its defense, to make it more vulnerable to your attacks.

Alternatively, you can use Fog Breath or Sukunda as these debuffs will decrease its chance of dodging your attacks.

Pass A Turn to Your Main Damage Dealers


Do this especially after activating a buff. You want to make sure you get in an attack immediately after buffing your party and not let Hell Biker get the chance to cancel out your buffs!

Don't Use Force Attacks

drain force

Hell Biker can Absorb Force, and the damage you'll deal with it using Force Attacks will just turn into HP for Hell Biker.

Prioritize Cutting Off Hell Biker's Turns After Hell Throttle

hell throttle

Hell Throttle grants Hell Biker three extra turns. When it activates this, prioritize cutting off its turns by countering its attacks and change your strategy accordingly.

Summon Demons that Can Block Fire

Fire Block

After Hell Biker activates Hell Throttle, it will start resorting to Fire Attacks. We highly recommend bringing along demons that can block Fire to cut off whatever turns it has left.

No Resistance Against Phys Attacks

Phys Attack

Hell Biker has no resistance against Phys Attacks, so don't hesitate to use these types of attacks on it.

No Resistance Against Magic Attacks Except for Fire, Force, Light, Dark, and Ailments

Magic Attack

Hell Biker Voids Fire, Light, Dark, and Ailments skills, and can Absorb Force Attacks. However, be comfortable using other elemental Magic attacks as Hell Biker cannot block or counter these.

Have At Least One Dedicated Healer in Your Party

Summon demons that have Dia or Media so your party can restore HP as you move along the battle. This will be ideal especially in situations wherein you have no available Recovery items on hand.

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