How to Beat Mother Harlot: Mother Harlot Weakness and Strategies | Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Beat Mother Harlot

This is a guide to Mother Harlot, a boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Mother Harlot, Mother Harlot's weaknesses, and best strategies against this boss!

Mother Harlot Pre-Battle Guide

Only Fought in the Maniax/Chronicles DLC

To fight Mother Harlot, you must have played the Maniax or Chronicles Version of the game. They're DLC content that adds new characters, several optional bosses, and a new dungeon required for a certain ending!

List of DLC and Pricing

Where to Find Mother Harlot

Yoyogi Park - West Plaza


Mother Harlot is located at the North Wing of the West Plaza in Yoyogi Park.

Recommended Magatama and Level

Recommended Magatama Narukami
Recommended Level 60 or higher

Strengths and Weaknesses


None, but Magic Attacks can go a long way.

Mother Harlot does not have any elemental weakness, however, using Magic attacks is useful for dealing damage.


Attacks Almighty, Mind, Curse, Phys
Reflect Phys
Absorb Elec
Void Light, Dark, Ailments
Support Dragon Eye, Focus, Dekunda

Mother Harlot utilizes Almighty attacks that cannot be blocked or countered, however, raising your party's defense/evasion rate can help with dodging the attacks. Likewise, she uses Mind, Curse, and Phys attacks, so we recommend summoning demons that can block these types of attacks.

Mother Harlot can reflect Phys attacks, absorb Elec, and void Light, Dark, and Ailment skills, so never use these types of attacks as you'll only be wasting your turn. She also has three Support skills including Dragon Eye which grants her four extra turns, Focus, and Dekunda.

Best Demons to Use Against Mother Harlot

Best Demons to Use
Dionysus icon
Kikuri-Hime icon
Pisaca icon
Matador icon
Daisoujou icon
Hell Biker icon
Hell Biker
Red Rider icon
Red Rider
Odin icon
Amaterasu icon

How to Beat Mother Harlot

Use a Magic Mirror or Makarakarn to Repel Magic Attacks

magic mirror

Mother Harlot uses Mind and Curse attacks, so we highly recommend using a Magic Mirror or activating Makarakarn to Repel her Magic attacks to cut off her turns.

You may obtain a Magic Mirror in Rag's Jewelry.

Rag's Jewelry Shop

Use an Attack Mirror or Tetrakarn to Repel Phys Attacks

Mother Harlot also utilizes Phys attacks, so we highly recommend using an Attack Mirror or activating Tetrakarn to Repel her Phys attacks to cut off her turns.

You may obtain an Attack Mirror in Rag's Jewelry.

No Resistance Against Magic Attacks Except for Elec, Light, Dark, and Ailments

wind cutter

Mother Harlot can absorb Elec, and void Light, Dark, and Ailment skills, but be comfortable using other elemental Magic attacks as she cannot block or counter these.

Use Buffs for Magic Attacks

Use a buff like Makakaja before using a Magic skill. This allows you to maximize your Magic Attack's damage output in the short turns you get.

Don't Overinvest in Debuffing

Mother Harlot possesses Dekunda which can cancel out all debuffs on a single turn. It is fine to debuff Mother Harlot but you shouldn't overinvest or she will simply cancel all debuffs out in a single turn.

Have At Least One Dedicated Healer in Your Party

Summon demons that have Dia, Media, or the skill's other variants, so your party can restore HP as you move along the battle. This will be ideal especially in situations wherein you have no available Recovery items on hand.

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