Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

List of Magatama

List of Magatama
This is a list of all Magatama that can be found in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) releasing for the Switch, PS4, and Steam. Read on to see a list of magatama, how to get magatamas, and a general guide on how magatamas work!

Guide to Magatama

Magatama are bugs that grant the Demi-Fiend different skills and stats. It also affects the Demi-Fiend's strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the element of the Magatama affects the Demi-Fiend's race.

Magatama also enable the Demi-Fiend to learn more powerful abilities as he levels up. The brightness or dimness, as well as the behavior of a Magatama's icon signify whether there are new skills to learn or all the skills a Magatama grants has been learned.

Magatama Skill Indicators

Brightness / Behavior Meaning
Magatama Next Level Skill New skill can be learned at the next level or after a few more levels.
Magatama Skill Several Levels New skill can be learned after several more levels.
Mastered Magatama All skills have been learned.

Magatama Alignments

Each Magatama have three different colors and these represents their alignment. They have minimal effect in the game but later on in the game, you'll be able to access areas in the Amala Labyrinth and the amount of magatamas you master that belong on a certain alighnment would open specific doors.

Light Neutral Dark
light magatama png.png neutral_magatama_png.png dark magatama png.png

How to Open All Kalpa Doors

Why does the Magatama act violently?

Magatama will provide a level up effect

Magatama Strength Increase.jpg

After leveling up, your magatama may Act Violently. By letting it continue, you can recieve a level up effect. This can range from a full recovery to getting a curse.

What to do when Magatama acts violently

Consider Magatama Equipped

Each Magatama have a set of effects they can provide before leveling up. Refer to our individual magatama pages for their complete set of effects. However, to summarize it up, their effect ranges from the following:

  • Provide a Stat Boost
  • Heals your Character/Party
  • Curses you.
  • Damages your party
  • Inflicts Status Ailments.

Curses can be removed by the Lady of the Fount

Magatama Curse Removal.jpg

Curses can be a pain to deal with. Luckily, the Lady of the Fount can get rid of curses so if you do get cursed by your equipped Magatama, make sure to head back to the nearest lady of the fount and cleanse the curse as soon as possible!

How to Remove Curses

Effect is decided by chosen Magatama

The magatama you equip is what decides the possible effects of your Magatama's level up effect. Refer to our magatama pages for a list of their level up effects.

Manipulate effects obtained

Since the Magatama is what decides what effect you get after leveling up, it is possible to manipulate the list of effects you get. We highly suggest equipping Magatamas that can possibly boost your stats as these effects are permanent. The earliest Magatama that fills this category is the Marogareh Magatama which is the Demi-Fiend's default Magatama.

How to Get Magatama

There are total of 25 Magatamas that can be obtained in the game. There are various ways of getting Magatama and these include purchasing from Junk Shops, clearing dungeons and defeating certain demons, completing tasks, and attaining stat requirements.

List of Magatama

List of Magatamas

List of Magatamas
dark magatamaMarogareh neutral MagatamaWadatsumi light magatamaAnkh light magatamaIyomante
dark magatamaShiranui neutral MagatamaHifumi neutral MagatamaKamudo light magatamaNarukami
dark magatamaAnathema dark magatamaMiasma light magatamaNirvana neutral MagatamaMurakumo
light magatamaGeis neutral MagatamaDjed dark magatamaMuspell neutral MagatamaGehenna
light magatamaKamurogi dark magatamaSatan light magatamaAdama neutral MagatamaVimana
dark magatamaGundari light magatamaSophia dark magatamaGaea neutral MagatamaKailash
masakados magatamaMasakados

Magatama Tier List

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