Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital Walkthrough, Boss Battles, and Item Locations

Shinjuku Hospital

This is a story walkthrough for Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital in Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne (HD Remastered) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, story section, boss strategies, general tips, and a list of items that can be found.

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- Yoyogi Park and Shibuya

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital Maps

Underground Facility

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital Story Walkthrough


1 Exit the Station.
On the overworld map, you can find red markers that indicates enterable areas. Head to the right-side entrance of the huge park on the map.
After the short dialogue, head to the hospital on the upper right corner of the map then enter the entrance to the right.
4 Head to the 2nd floor. After a short cutscene, head to the opposite corrider then enter the room where Isamu was found.
5 Return to the first floor then talk to Chiaki.
6 Proceed to the basement then enter the 2nd room past the gate.
7 Exit then use the elevator to proceed to the rooftop.

Shinjuku Hospital

1 Exit the room then head to the next room to your north east side to find your first save point.
You can talk to the spirit on the room with the cross sign to ask for free healing.
2 Head to the upper right area and folow the path until you reach the door that was previously an elevator.
3 In the mysterious area, you'll start fighting with demons. The path will be pretty linear so just follow it until you clear the mystery dungeon.
You can talk to the spirit on the first area for free healing.
4 After clearing the mystery dungeon, use the elevator and head to the 2nd floor.
5 Enter the room south-west from the elevator then follow the path to meet Pixie.
6 After recruiting Pixie, head north from Pixie's location until you find the room A203. Defeat the Pretas inside to obtain the “Pass-Thingie”.
7 Return to the area where you met Pixie and use the Annex Gate Pass to proceed.
8 Follow the path northward to find a staircase leading down to B1 (Underground Facility).
9 After reaching B1 head southwards then to the left. Follow this path until you return to the Hospital's 1st floor.
You can also unlock the previously locked door that leads back to Hijiri and the ghost that heals you when you reach the southern part of the B1 area.
10 From here, you can gain access to a room with free healing and another terminal for saving. The next room is where Forneus can be fought so be prepared!
Boss Fight Forneos Boss Battle IntroBoss Battle: Forneus
12 Exit the area to proceed the story.

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital Boss Fights


Forneus Boss Battle Guide

Forneus will be your first battle but don't be too easy going! With a wrong setup, it is possible to have trouble with Forneus.

List of Boss Weaknesses

It is highly suggested to bring Demons with lightning elemental attacks to abuse Forneus' weakness and get extra turns per round! Aside from zapping Forneus non-stop, just keep your party's HP high with healing and the battle should be over quickly.

How to Beat Forneus: Forneus Weakness and Strategies

Obtainable Magatamas


Wadatsumi is rewarded to you after defeating Forneus.

How to Get Wadatsumi

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital Obtainable Items

Secret Items

Mysterious Drink

Obtained from Items
1 Vending Machine in Yoyogi-koen Station Sacred Water x 1
2 Vending Machine in Shinjuku Hospital Soma x 1

B1: Underground Facility

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Bead x 1


Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Medicine x 1
2 Cache Cube Mazio Rock x 1
3 Cache Cube Mabufu Rock x 1
4 Cache Cube 300 Macca
5 Soul
Beat Forneus, then talk to him
750 Macca
6 Cache Cube Revival Bead x 1
7 Cache Cube Medicine x 2


Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Medicine x 1
2 Demon Medicine x 1
3 Cache Cube Revival Bead x 1
4 Cache Cube Life Stone x 3
5 Cache Cube Life Stone x 2

Prologue - Shinjuku Hospital General Tips

Talk to the soul before the Forneus Battle

Soul Beat Forneus 750 Macca

There is a daring soul that will doubt your victory against Forneus. He'll bet all of his Macca that you won't be able to emerge victorious. After proving him wrong, return to him and talk to him to gain a hefty amount of Macca!

How to Farm Macca

Recruit a Shikigami to your party

Shikigami Demon
Shikigami is a demon that can use Zio. Forneus is weak to the lightning element and the additional Zio you use in the fight will greatly speed up the battle.

Shikigami Skills, Stats, and Locations Encountered

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