Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Beat Specter: Specter Weakness and Strategies

How to Beat Specter
This is a guide to Specter, a boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Specter, Specter's weaknesses, and best strategies against this boss!

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Specter Basic Info

Name Specter
Recommended Level 14 or higher

Specter Pre-Battle Guide


None, but you can take advantage of its Fire attacks by arming yourself with Shiranui.

Specter will rely mostly on both Fire skills and Phys skills. Its Fire skills are single-target attacks, and Demi-Fiend is more often than not the target.

Equip Shiranui Magatama Beforehand!

You're going to want to take advantage of the fact that Specter utilizes Fire skills by equipping Shiranui. Demi-Fiend will be able to block the Fire attacks, effectively cutting off whatever turns the Specter has left.

How to Get Shiranui Magatama


Aside from utilizing Fire skills and Phys skills, Specter voids Force, Death, Mind, and Nerve attacks. Avoid using these skills at all cost!

Best Demons to Use Against Specter

Best Demons to Use
Pixie iconPixie Mou-Ryo iconMou-Ryo Datsue-Ba iconDatsue-Ba
Erthys iconErthys

How to Beat Specter

This battle is divided into two phases. Phase 1 will be against a group of Specters. Phase 2 will have a unified Specter after it activates Foul Union on the third turn in Phase 1.

The stats of the unified Specter will depend on how many Specters were left in the first phase of battle, so try to kill as many as you can in the first phase.

Phase 1

specter phase 1

Use AOE Attacks

Use area-of-effect attacks that target multiple (or all) foes. You're going to want to inflict as much damage as you can on all the targets!

Alternate Between AOE and High DMG Single-Target Attacks

If you can't kill the gorup of Specter with only AOE attacks, you can alternate between them and high damage single-target attacks to effectively finish off targets.

Use a Debuff Before Landing an AOE Attack

Use Debuffs that will lower defenses or make the group of Specter receive more damage from your attacks.

Phase 2

specter foul union

Specter Will Activate Foul Union

The group of Specter will activate Foul Union, thereby forming one whole Specter boss. Watch out for this one on the third turn in Phase 1.

Specter Will Utilize Multi-Target Attacks

Specter will utilize multi-target attacks so try to keep your party’s HP up to last in battle.

Keep Debuffing Specter

Keep Debuffing Specter and land med-high damage attacks to end this battle early.

Afflict Specter with Status

Afflict Specter with Status either via Item or Skill in order to inflict extra damage. It's better to use attacks that have added Status effects such as Toxic Cloud.

Keep this Fight as Short as Possible!

specter death.jpg

If this fight drags on, Specter will summon back a group of other Specters to join its ranks in battle.

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