Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Beat Mada: Mada Weakness and Strategies

How to Beat Mada

This is a guide to Mada, a mini-boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Mada, Mada's weaknesses, and best strategies against this boss!

Mada Articles
mada partial.pngHow to Beat Mada Mada Stats and SkillsMada Stats and Skills

Mada Pre-Battle Guide

Recommended Magatama Satan, Gehenna, or Anathema
Recommended Level 80 or higher

Strengths and Weaknesses

Mada Weaknesses

None, but Magic attacks can go a long way

Mada does not have any elemental weakness, however, using Magic attacks is useful for dealing damage.

Mada Strengths

Attacks Fire, Phys, Mind
Absorb Phys
Void Light, Dark, Ailments
Support Dekunda, Debilitate, Gathering, Beast Eye

Mada utilizes a single-target Fire attack, and multi-target Phys and Mind attacks. We recommend summoning demons that can block these types of attacks.

Mada absorbs Phys and voids Light, Dark, and Ailment skills, so never use these types of attacks as you'll only be wasting your turn. We suggest switching out to Magic attacks and Almighty attacks.

The enemy has four Support skills including Dekunda, Debilitate, Gathering which it uses to summon a Pazuzu, and Beast Eye which grants the enemy two extra turns.

Pazuzu Weaknesses


Pazuzu is weak towards Ice. We recommend using this type of attack to finish off the enemy more quickly and to secure more turns for your party.

Pazuzu Strengths

Attacks Dark, Phys, Mind
Void Dark
Support/Passive Diarama, Null Force

Pazuzu utilizes a single-target Death instakill, single-target Phys attack, and a multi-target Mind attack. We recommend summoning demons that can block these types of attacks.

Pazuzu voids Dark and null Force, so don't use these types of attacks as you'll only be wasting your turn. Likewise, it has Diarama, making Pazuzu a high-priority target once summoned by Mada.

Best Demons to Use Against Mada

Best Demons to Use
Red Rider iconRed Rider Black Rider iconBlack Rider Shiva iconShiva
Okuninushi iconOkuninushi Loa iconLoa Gurulu iconGurulu
Dante iconDante Amaterasu iconAmaterasu Atropos iconAtropos
Albion iconAlbion Vishnu iconVishnu

How to Beat Mada

Prioritize Killing Pazuzu Once it is Summoned

bye pazuzu

Pazuzu uses Diarama, making Pazuzu a high-priority target once summoned by Mada. Kill Pazuzu before this fight drags on.

Use Magic Attacks Except Light, Dark, Ailments, and Force

glacial blast

Mada can block Light, Dark, and Ailments, and Pazuzu, on the other hand, can void Dark and Force. Get comfortable using other elemental skills as they cannot block or counter these.

Buff Your Magic Attacks


Use a buff like Makakaja before using a Magic skill. This allows you to maximize your Magic Attack's damage output in the short turns you get.

Best Buff and Debuff Skills

Don't Overinvest in Debuffing


It is fine to debuff Mada but don't overinvest as Mada has Dekunda which can negate all debuffs in a single turn.

Use Tarunda, Debilitate, or War Cry to lower enemies' Phys/Magic Attacks. You will take less damage if you debuff their attacks. Use Rakunda to lower their defense, to make them more vulnerable to your attacks.

Alternatively, you can use Fog Breath or Sukunda as these debuffs will decrease their chance of dodging your attacks.

Use an Attack Mirror or Tetrakarn

Both enemies use Phys attacks, so we highly recommend using an Attack Mirror or Tetrakarn to repel the Phys attacks and cut off the enemies' turns.

You may obtain an Attack Mirror in Rag's Jewelry.

Rag's Jewelry Shop

Use a Magic Mirror or Makarakarn to Repel All Foes' Magic Attacks

All Foes in this fight utilize Magic attacks, so we highly recommend using a Magic Mirror or activating Makarakarn to Repel all foes' Magic attacks to cut off their turns and, at the same time, reflecting the damage onto them.

You may obtain a Magic Mirror in Rag's Jewelry.

Have At Least One Dedicated Healer in Your Party

Summon demons that have Dia, Media, or the skill's other variants, so your party can restore HP as you move along the battle. This will be ideal especially in situations wherein you have no available Recovery items on hand.

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