Girimekhala Skills, Stats, Fusion, and Locations Encountered | Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

This is a guide to Girimekhala, a Vile demon in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne). Read on to know about Girimekhala, its base stats, strengths and weaknesses, locations, and all the skills Girimekhala can learn.

Girimekhala Articles
How to Beat GirimekhalaHow to Beat Girimekhala Girimekhala Stats and SkillsGirimekhala Stats and Skills

How to Fuse Girimekhala

Fuse Two Demons that Fuse Pulukishi and Sacrifice a Vile

Best Demons to Use
Arahabaki iconArahabaki Titan iconTitan Troll iconTroll

Girimehkala may be fused from a Sacrificial Fusion. To do this, enter the Cathedral of Shadows on a full moon. Fuse two demons that would result into a Pulukishi , then choose to sacrifice a Vile race demon.

We recommend fusing Titan with Troll then choose to sacrifice Arahabaki. This is one of many combinations that can succesfully summon Samael.

Titan can be found in Asakusa and Amala Temple, while Troll can be found in Yoyogi Park and Amala Temple.

Detailed Fusion Chart: Fusion Calculator Guide

Girimekhala Overview, Stats, and Affinities

Girimekhala Overview and Affinities

Girimekhala Image.jpg
Base Level 59 Race Vile
Null Dark
Repel Phys

Girimekhala Base Stats

St 22
Ma 18
Vi 21
Ag 13
Lu 13

Skills Learned by Girimekhala

Skill List
Dismal Tune Tempest Shock
Binding Cry Chaos Blade Debilitate

Girimekhala Locations

Diet Building
Obelisk 2
Tower of Kagutsuchi
Diet Building
Diet Building
A government building seized by Hikawa and his forces to summon his god.
Diet Building Walkthrough
Obelisk 2
Obelisk 2
The obelisk turned into a vertical bridge into the Tower of Kagutsuchi.
Obelisk 2 Walkthrough
Tower of Kagutsuchi
Tower of Kagutsuchi
The tower where the physical form of Kagutsuchi resides.
Tower of Kagutsuchi Walkthrough

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