Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Beat Lucifer: Lucifer Weakness and Strategies

How to Beat Lucifer

This is a guide to Lucifer, a boss in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PS4. Read on to know how to beat Lucifer, Lucifer's weaknesses, and the best strategies against this boss!

Lucifer Pre-Battle Guide

Recommended Magatama Masakados, Djed, Vimana
Recommended Level 90 or higher

Strengths and Weaknesses


None, but having Pierce and Freikugel goes a long way

Lucifer does not have any elemental weakness and will be able to resist Phys, Magic, and Almighty. However, having Pierce and Freikugel in your arsenal will help you deal a sufficient amount of damage.


Attacks Evil Gleam (Mind),
High King (Almighty + Bind),
Root of all Evil (Almighty + Ailments),
Almighty, Fire, Ice
Void Light, Dark, Ailments
Resist Phys, Magic, Almighty
Support Diarama, Diarahan*, Dekunda, Dekaja

Lucifer has three powerful skills called Evil Gleam, High King, and Root of all Evil. Likewise, Lucifer has an arsenal of multi-target normal Almighty, Fire, and Ice attacks.

Evil Gleam is a multi-target Mind attack that inflicts Charm.
High King is a multi-target Almighty attack that inflicts Bind.
Root of all Evil is a multi-target Almighty attack that has various random effects on enemies.

Root of all Evil's Effects
Halves HP (High Chance)
Takes 75% of HP (Low Chance)
Takes 90% of HP (Low Chance)
Inflicts Poison (Low Chance)
Inflicts Stun (Low Chance)
Inflicts Mute (Low Chance)

The enemy voids Light, Dark, and Ailments, and is highly resistant to Phys, Magic, and Almighty attacks. We recommend learning Pierce for this battle.

Lucifer has various Support skills that include Diarama, Dekunda, and Dekaja. If you are playing the Chronicle DLC, Lucifer will also have Diarahan alongside the three other Support skills.

Best Demons to Use Against Lucifer

Demons with Pierce

At this point, the best demons to use against Lucifer should have Pierce in their arsenal.

One way to get a demon that has Pierce is by fusion with the Special Girimekhala sold by the Shady Broker down in Fifth Kalpa.

How to Get Special Girimekhala


Dante is also a great member to include in your party as he can naturally pierce through Lucifer's resistance.

How to Recruit Dante

How to Beat Lucifer

Learn Pierce


Have Demi-Fiend learn Pierce to counter Lucifer's high resistance towards Phys, Magic, and Almighty. Ideally, you should stack your attack buffs and use Pierce to deal a sufficient amount of damage on Lucifer.

How to Learn Pierce

Stack Your Attack Buffs

limit reached

Cast attack buffs until the skill has reached its limit. A maxed out attack along with Pierce can successfully deal a sufficient amount of damage on Lucifer.

We recommend stacking up Tarukaja or Makakaja until the skill reaches its limit. Lucifer is tanky and you'll need to maximize your damage output.

Learn Freikugel or Alternative Phys Attacks


Freikugel can deal a massive amount of damage especially when boosted. Good alternatives to Freikugel are Gaea Rage, Hades Blast, and Iron Claw.

How to Learn Freikugel

Cast Debilitate Until Limit is Reached


Debilitate is the ideal debuff to have during this battle as it can lower all foes' Attack/Defense/Evasion/Hit Rate in a single turn. Cast this spell until it has reached its limit to maximize the effect it has on the enemy.

Alternatively, you can use Tarunda or War Cry to lower its Phys/Magic Attacks. Use Rakunda to lower its defense, or you can use Fog Breath or Sukunda as these debuffs will decrease its chances of dodging your attacks.

Best Buff and Debuff Skills

Summon Demons with the Highest Vit /Str / Mag Stat to Counter Lucifer's Diarama and Diarahan


This is one of the longest fights you'll be in, so on that note, make sure you summon your demons with the highest Vit and Str / Mag stat. You may encounter a situation wherein your resources have been depleted, but bringing along your sturdiest and most powerful demons is the best way to go into this fight.

Have a Dedicated Healer that Has Prayer


Prayer is your ideal all-in-one solution Healing skill as it can also negate the ailments Lucifer afflicts you with. Good alternatives to Prayer are Mediarahan or Mediarama and Me Patra.

How to Learn Prayer: Demons and Magatama with Prayer

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