Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Get Djed Magatama: Djed Stats and Skills Learned

This is a guide to Djed, a Magatama in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Read on to learn how to get the Djed Magatama, the skills you can learn from it, its stats, strengths, weaknesses, and effects when Djed acts violently.

How to Get Djed Magatama

Reward for beating the Moirae sisters.

Moirae Sisters Boss Battle

The Moirae Sisters are Bosses in the Obelisk. Defeating them will reward you this Magatama!

How to Beat Moirae Sisters

Djed Available Skills

Skill List
Rakukaja Makakaja Sukukaja
Dekaja Tarukaja

Djed “Acts Violently” Effects

Chance to Stun you.
Chance for a full recovery.

Djed Stats, Weaknesses, and Resistances

Strengths and Weakness

Strengths Weakness
- -
Null Drain
Curse -


Strength Magic Vitality Agility Luck
2 6 2 2 2

The Buffer Magatama

Djed is a Buff-centric Magatama. It gives a good Stat Boost to MAG and small bonuses to the other stats. Overall, it is an average Magatama that is lackluster, yet undeniably versatile.

It is lackluster, due to the skills that you can learn through this Magatama are either basic skills by other low-level Demons, or can be learned easily by the said low-level demons.

Though, it has no glaring weakness and is immune to Curse attacks, and is still viable if you want your Demi-Fiend to be a buffer for the team.

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Magatama Tier List


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