Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

Best Name for the Demi-Fiend: Demi-Fiend Canon Name

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This is a guide to the best name for the Demi-fiend (Protagonist) in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam. Read on to learn about the best name for the Demi-fiend, the Demi-Fiend's canon name, and the best nickname for the Demi-Fiend.

What is the Best name for the Demi-Fiend?

His Canon Name is Naoki Kashima


In the Japanese SMT 3 Drama CD released in 2003, it is mentioned that the canon name of the Demi-fiend (back when he was still human) was Naoki Kashima. The narrator mentions it when he names Chiaki, Isamu, and Naoki, together.

Alternative Canon Name is Shin Magami

Other official sources, like the novel adaptation, name him as Shin Magami. These are the two known Canon names for the Demi-Fiend and can be used as a default name if you do so wish.

His Game Name is Demi-Fiend

Demi-fiend Intro Screen

All recent official sources from Atlus West refer to the Demi-fiend as the Demi-Fiend.

In-game, it is implied that Demi-Fiend is simply a placeholder in order to accommodate player choice when naming.

SMT 3: List of Characters

How Should You Name the Demi-fiend?

Naming is Entirely Up to the Player

Naoki Kashima Demi-fiend Name

This choice is entirely up to the player! Most of the game's new audio lines are independent of the actual name players use.

Text prompts will usually use the first name given by the player at the start.

It really is up to the player what they name their Demi-fiend. After all, you are the Protagonist of SMT3 by controlling our unnamed hero.

First Name is Important

First Name is Important

Your first name is the most important part of the naming process! This is what the game will use for most of the text-dialogue.

When choosing, be sure to think about what name you want to see for your entire playthrough.

Last Name comes First

Last Name Comes First

In Japan the last name comes before the given name. Be aware of this as the prompt asks for your last name first and then your given name.

Nicknames and First Names are Commonly Used


While the player will be asked for a nickname, most of the human characters will use the Demi-fiend's first name and nickname interchangeably.

This name is entirely for preference, adding a more personal touch for individual players (or, you can make it the same as the first name for clarity).

Demi-fiend Name Suggestions

Here are some of our own suggestions for naming the Demi-fiend, inspired by our playthough of the game!

Some of these took the characteristics of the Demi-fiend into account, while others are there purely for enjoyment.

Name Reason
Hitoshura If you want to get a more Japanese feel, Hitoshura is the Japanese translation of Demi-Fiend and it can be a great first name.
All Might For strong punches that decimates foes! It will be ok as long as the Demi-Fiend is here!
Damian Fiend For people troubled by the Demi-fiend being not human enough.
Hell Boy You are half-human and half-demon, after all.
Hell Man For when Boy just doesn't cut it in the Vortex World.
Junya Enoki Junya Enoki is the Demi-Fiend's Japanese voice actor. Embrace his voice further and place him in the game!
Christian La Monte If you're playing the english version, Christian La Monte is the Demi-Fiend's english VA.
Demi Fiend Demi-Fiend.

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