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Evolution Guide: List of Demons that can Evolve

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This is a guide to evolution in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam! Read on to learn about what evolution is, how to evolve demons, and the signs of change that accompany it.

What is Evolution?

Evolution Changes a Demon to Another Form

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Evolution is a process in SMT3 where a demon changes into another kind of demon. Usually, the evolved forms are much stronger, but this depends on the stats and attributes players are looking for.

Some evolved forms are unique demons, while others can be encountered and even recruited in the world.

Not all demons can evolve.

Hee Ho

Remember this since a lot of demons that do evolve will take a lot of time and levels before they can actually change.

When considering evolution, players should plan ahead since roster slots are limited.

Evolved demons keep the skills of the original

Keeping Skills Evolution

After evolving, the new demon can still learn the skills unique to them.

The benefit of evolution is that this new demon can still keep the skills of your original.

How to Evolve Demons

Level Them Up

Evolution relies on a demon's level. The easiest way to evolve a demon is to keep it in your active roster.

After learning all it's available skills, demons that can evolve will eventually show signs that indicate that change is imminent.

Look for Signs of Change

Evolution Signs of Change

When a demon is nearing the level it needs to evolve, players will be warned in the level up screen.

A prompt will appear stating that signs of change can be observed, accompanied by sparks of blue lightning that flash around the demon's model.

Allow the Evolution

Pixie Evolution

Evolution occurs when demons reach certain levels during their development. When the Signs of Change begin to appear, players will be asked if they want to continue with the change.

Allow the change and a more powerful demon will result from the change.

Evolution can be delayed

You can also choose not to allow the change and delay evolution until a later time. This can be beneficial in some cases since evolution forms can have different resistances than their originals.

For players who want to first plan party compositions, delaying evolution is an option.

List of Demons that can Evolve

This is a list of all demons that can evolve and their evolutions. Use the navigation table to view each demon and their evolution!

Base Form Evolved Form
Pixie iconPixie High Pixie iconHigh Pixie
Lilim iconLilim Lilith iconLilith
High Pixie iconHigh Pixie Queen Mab iconQueen Mab
Inugami iconInugami Makami iconMakami
Nozuchi iconNozuchi Xuanwu iconXuanwu
Nekomata iconNekomata Senri iconSenri
Koppa Tengu iconKoppa Tengu Karasu Tengu iconKarasu Tengu
Momunofu iconMomunofu Arahabaki iconArahabaki
Dis iconDis Valkyrie iconValkyrie
Karasu Tengu iconKarasu Tengu Koppa Tengu iconKoppa Tengu
Naga iconNaga Naga Raja iconNaga Raja
Mizuchi iconMizuchi Qing Long iconQing Long
Ongkhot iconOngkhot Hanuman iconHanuman
Setanta iconSetanta Cu Chulainn iconCu Chulainn
Jinn iconJinn Efreet iconEfreet
Hanuman iconHanuman Ongkhot iconOngkhot
Pulukishi iconPulukishi Ganesha iconGanesha
Sati iconSati Parvati iconParvati
Suparna iconSuparna Garuda iconGaruda
Gogmagog iconGogmagog Albion iconAlbion
Scathach iconScathach Skadi iconSkadi
Throne iconThrone Uriel iconUriel
Abaddon iconAbaddon Aciel iconAciel
Beelzebub (Human) iconBeelzebub (Human) Beelzebub (Fly) iconBeelzebub (Fly)

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