Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Get Miasma Magatama: Miasma Stats and Skills Learned

This is a guide to Miasma, a Magatama in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Read on to learn how to get the Miasma Magatama, the skills you can learn from it, its stats, strengths, weaknesses, and effects when Miasma acts violently.

How to Get Miasma Magatama

Obtained after defeating Mizuchi (Boss).

Mizuchi Boss Battle

Mizuchi is a Boss in Kabukicho Prison 5F. This boss is a stronger and larger version of a regular Mizuchi. Defeating it will reward you with this Magatama!

Mizuchi Boss Information

Miasma Available Skills

Skill List
Glacial Blast Ice Drain Wild Dance
Null: Ice

Miasma “Acts Violently” Effects

Chance to Poison you.
Chance for a full recovery.

Miasma Stats, Weaknesses, and Resistances

Strengths and Weakness

Strengths Weakness
- Fire
Null Drain
Ice -


Strength Magic Vitality Agility Luck
2 5 2 2 2

The Chill Magatama

Miasma is a great Magatama for Ice magic caster players. The stat bonuses of this Magatama are subpar, but the passive skills you can learn through it will make your character an Ice specialist and a better magic caster overall.

Chill Pill

Maxing out Miasma allows the player to learn Ice Drain, which makes all Ice attacks heal you. This becomes extremely useful against Demons in a map filled with Ice elementals.

Weakness to Fire

As an Ice element Magatama, it's foremost and most obvious weakness are Fire attacks. Learning Anti-Fire through Shiranui or Null: Fire from other Magatama will help eliminate this weakness.

Having a Demon with Makarakarn magic will also help!

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