Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

How to Get the Kimon Stone

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This is a guide to getting the Kimon Stone in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam. Read on to learn how to get the Kimon Stone and what it does in the game.

How to Get the Kimon Stone

Go to Yurakucho Station

To get the Kimon Stone, players will need to head into Yurakucho Station. This area can be found to the north of the Radio Tower, southwest of Ginza.

Unlock Condition

The unlock condition for obtaining the Kimon Stone may contain spoilers, proceed at your own risk.

Do note that the station will only unlock after players witness the Reason of Yosuga being born in Mifunashiro.

Speak to Shige in the Yurakucho Tunnel

Shige the Spirit

Shige is a spirit in the Yurakucho Tunnel who wants to dig up treasure. He'll ask to borrow a demon from players, in order to help him excavate the tunnel. He'll split whatever treasure he finds with the player, equally.

The Demon You Lend Will Die

Shige Overworks the Demon and it Dies

Accepting the offer will have Shige pick a demon at random. Players will have the choice of re-rolling Shige's choice of demon.

The demon that players lend to Shige will die! Make sure not to lend him any valuable ones during the exchange.

Wait for Kagutsuchi Cycles to Pass

Kimon Stone Treasure Room Open

Players will have to wait for at least 7 Kagutsuchi cycles to pass (starting from the phase that you first lent the demon to Shige). Only after that time will the treasure room open.

Do note that the level of the demon will ultimately determine how many Kagutsuchi cycles players will have to wait out. A stronger demon means a shorter wait time.

Kimon Stone is in the Southwest Cache Cube

1 Kimon Stone x1
2 10,000 Macca
3 Sapphire x1
4 Great Chakra x1

The Kimon Stone can be found inside the Cache Cube marked 1 on the map.

The Kimon Stone Cannot be Missed

Kimon Stone Alternative Way

Shige splits the rewards evenly. This means that players can only open 2 of the 4 cache cubes/mystical chests in the room.

However, do not worry if you do not pick the Cache Cube with the Kimon Stone. Shige will still give it to you once you exit. He will tell players that he has no use for it, granting the player an extra reward.

How to Use the Kimon Stone

Go to the Northern Temple near Asakusa

To use the stone, players will need to head to this temple just north of Asakusa. This area is accessed by passing through the tunnel where the Collector Manikin's shop is located.

Use the Kimon Stone to Unseal the Temple

Use the Kimon Stone to Unseal the Temple

The Kimon Stone will react to the temple's seal, breaking it in the process. There will be a powerful demon inside.

Fight Bishamonten

Bishamonten Boss Fight Northern Temple

An optional boss fight can be played out here. Bishamonten, the summoned demon of the temple, will challenge the Demi-fiend once they meet.

Get the Gundari Magatama Reward

Bishamonten will reward players with the Gundari Magatama. It is one of the last few Magatama that players can obtain to complete the entire set.

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2 Anonymousover 1 year

They have the listed items if you open the mystical chests at full kagatsuchi.

1 Anonymousabout 2 years

in the HD remasters, at least, i found 3&4 each had life stones 2 had 10000 macca. didnt check 1 but still got the stone


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