Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

Fourth Kalpa Walkthrough and Item Locations

Fourth Kalpa Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the Fourth Kalpa in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, general tips, and a list of items that can be found.

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Third Kalpa Walkthrough Fifth Kalpa Walkthrough

How to Unlock Fourth Kalpa

DLC Only Content

You will only be able to access this content if you are playing the Chronicle or Maniax version of the game.

List of DLC and Pricing

Accessible after defeating Dante, Pale Rider, Mother Harlot, and Trumpeter

Only after defeating Dante in the Third Kalpa, Pale Rider in Asakusa, Mother Harlot in Yoyogi park, and Trumpeter in Yurakucho Station will you be able to access the Fourth Kalpa in the Labyrinth of Amala.

Boss Fight Guides
Dante Guide and LocationDante(2nd Encounter) Pale Rider Guide and LocationPale Rider
Mother Harlot Guide and LocationMother Harlot Trumpeter Guide and LocationTrumpeter

Fourth Kalpa Maps

B1: Road to Hell
B1: Hell's Vault
B1: Hell's Maze
B1: Hell's Hall

Fourth Kalpa Walkthrough

Labyrinth of Amala Entrance & Third Kalpa

1 Use the Amala Link to warp into the entrance of the Labyrinth of Amala.
2 Use the middle path (path C) to descend.
3 Descend to B1 from any of the three provided paths on the map.
4 Use the following routes to find the path leading to B2 level from either the Strength, Magic, or Luck sections.
5 Follow this path to go to the ladder leading to the B3 level.
If players have beaten Black Frost in Kabukicho Prison prior to this, he will appear in the center room of the B2 level and join the player's party, forcibly.
6 Head straight, enter the door, then enter the door directly in front of you as you exit. This takes you to a room with a ladder leading down to the B4 level.
7 Follow the winding hallway all the way to the end. You should end up in the room where you originally fought Dante and you'll find the ladder leading to B5 level.
8 Run past the peephole and jump down the hole to the Fourth Kalpa entrance.
9 Fourth Kalpa Hall of Candles Menorah LightingAfter landing, proceed to the Hall of Candles and light the 4 Menorahs in your possession.
10 The door to the Fourth Kalpa should now be open.

Fourth Kalpa

1 Upon entering, you will find yourself inside a cursed corridor. Keep heading straight, entering the north door.
Warning: Float Balls do not work in these types of corridors. All players can do is tank the damage until you exit through the north door.
2 After entering the north door, proceed down the hallway.
3 Once you reach the intersection, take the eastern path.
4 Fourth Kalpa Door to B1Follow the hallway and use Door C. Use the ladder inside to descend to the B1 level.
5 In the B1 level, you will face a hallway with a warp point. It teleports you to different locations based on the phase of the Kagutsuchi.
6 When the phase indicated is New, enter the warp point.

Fourth Kalpa: Hell's Hall

1 The door in front of you will lead to a large area comprised of only cursed corridors. Enter it.
2 After entering, head straight and take the second right. You cannot use the map in this area. Make sure to take the second right.
3 After taking the second right, you should see a Mothman standing around. This means you're on the right track.
4 In the room with the Mothman, head North.
5 The northern door will soon be visible. Head straight until you get a prompt to open a door. Do so.
6 Beelzebub Boss Fight DoorBefore entering, recover all your lost HP and MP to prepare for a boss fight.
7 Beelzebub Boss FightBeelzebub Boss Fight.
8 After beating Beelzebub, the curse of the corridors will be lifted. You can now return the way you came in.
Note: There is a loot room at the opposite end of the room from where you entered.
9 Once you exit, head back to the room/area with the Mothman. Speak to him and he'll tell you about the Star Key.
This item is needed to descend further into the Amala Labyrinth.
10 After speaking to him, orient yourself to the south with the Mothman next to you, on your left.
11 Head south until a door comes up to your left. Enter that door.
12 Use the warp point to get to the end of the original warp corridor in the B1 level.
13 Don't go down the ladder. Instead, use the warp point behind you to return to the entrance of the Fourth Kalpa.
14 Return to the entrance of the Labyrinth of Amala using the hole next to the entrance and the soul.

Second Kalpa

1 From the Labyrinth of Amala Entrance, use the 2nd path to the left (path B).
2 From the 1F level, go down the hallway and use the drop-down pit to get to the B1 level.
3 Follow this path to get to the ladder that takes you to the B2 Cursed Corridor area.
4 Cursed Corridor Follow it until you reach the ladder at the center.
The curse has been removed by defeating Beelzebub.
5 Use the ladder to descend down to the room with the Efreet demon.
6 Talk to him and he'll tell you the Star Key is with his drinking buddy up in Tokyo.
7 Exit the cursed corridor area and ascend back to the B1 level.
8 Follow this path to the ladder leading you up to the entrance of the Second Kalpa.
9 Follow the path that returns you to the entrance of the Labyrinth.

Finding the Star Key

The Efreet's drinking buddy is Loki in Ginza! Head to Nyx's lounge to find that the Star Key is no longer in his possession!

After talking to Loki, head to Asakusa then proceed to the B1 level then head straight to the Junkshop.

Choose the Talk command to have the Collector Manikin give you the Star Key. After obtaining it, return to the third Kalpa.

Third Kalpa

1 From the Labyrinth of Amala entrance, jump down the central path (path C).
2 After landing, follow any of the paths indicated to get to the B1 level from the Strength, Luck, or Magic sections then descend to B1 level.
3 Follow the indicated paths to get to the central area of the B1 level.
4 With the Star Key, you can now open the locked gold door on this level.
5 Open the locked door then jump down the hole to proceed to fourth Kalpa.
6 Upon landing, a new locked gold door will await you. Open it with the Star Key.
7 Activate the switch on the other end. This will open the door to the Fifth Kalpa.
8 Head back the way you came.
9 Once back in the B1 level of the Third Kalpa, use this ladder to get to the B2 level.
10 Follow this route to get to the ladder that takes you to the B3 level.
11 After reaching B3, keep heading straight, past two doors then you'll arrive at the ladder taking you to the B4 level.
12 Follow the snaking hallway a second time and descend to the B5 level.
13 Run past the peephole and jump down the hole to the Fourth Kalpa entrance.

Fourth Kalpa to Fifth Kalpa Entrance

1 Head through the north door again.
2 Once through, go down the hallway and take the first right at the intersection.
3 Follow the hallway and use Door C to get to the ladder.
4 Use the ladder to descend to the B1 level.
5 Wait for a New Kagutsuchi again. Once it's New, use the warp point.
6 You should now be back in Hell's Hall. Enter the door in front of you.
Players will still be unable to use the map in these special areas.
7 This time, take the first right. There should be a door at the end of the hallway if you used the correct right turn.
8 Head to the door and enter it.
9 Use the warp point inside. This takes you to the end of the original warp corridor in the B1 level.
10 Use the ladder to descend to the B2 level.
11 Follow this path to get to the Fifth Kalpa entrance. It should be open now.
12 Head inside and peer through the peephole. The lady-in-black will ask you a question. If you answer yes, she will open the door leading to the Fifth Kalpa.

Fourth Kalpa Boss Fights

Beelzebub Boss Fight

beelzebub boss guide

Many sections will be cursed while Beelzebub has not yet been defeated. Make sure to prioritize defeating Beelzebub to fully unlock the fourth Kalpa area.

How to Beat Beelzebub

Fourth Kalpa NPCs


1 Shady Surgeon
2 Shady Broker

Shady Surgeon

Shady Surgeon 1F

The Shady Surgeon in the 1F level of the Fourth Kalpa dungeon will charge Macca to heal players. For a full heal, he asks for 15,000 Macca.

Shady Broker

The Shady Broker in the 1F level of the Fourth Kalpa dungeon will sell a special Mothman to players for 50,000 Macca.

This Mothman is a multi-target, offensive spellcaster, seeing as it has all the multi-target spells of every element including Light, Dark, and Almighty.

Special Mothman Skills
Maragidyne Mabufudyne
Maziodyne Mazandyne
Mahamaon Mamudoon
Megidolaon Mana Refill

Mothman Stats and Skills

Hell's Hall

1 Shady Surgeon

Shady Surgeon

Shady Surgeon Hells Hall

The Shady Surgeon in the Hell's Hall level of the Fourth Kalpa dungeon will charge Macca to heal players. For a full heal, he asks for 15,000 Macca.

Although this NPC can heal players, he will not be practical to use for the Beelzebub boss fight. This is due to his distance from the boss door and the cursed nature of the area.


1 Souls Offering Rest

Souls Offering Rest

Souls Offering Rest B2 Level

These two souls will offer to heal the player in exchange for Macca. Accepting will teleport players back to the start of the dungeon with a significant amount of their Macca, missing.

Fourth Kalpa Obtainable Items


Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube 25000 Macca
2 Cache Cube 25000 Macca
3 Cache Cube Deathstone x 1
4 Mystical Chest Soma x 1

B1: The Road to Hell

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Deathstone x 1

B1: Hell's Vault

Obtained from Items
1 Mystical Chest Bead of Life x 1
2 Mystical Chest Great Chakra x 1
3 Mystical Chest Bead Chain x 1
4 Mystical Chest Attack Mirror x 1
5 Mystical Chest Attack Mirror x 1
6 Cache Cube Deathstone x 1
7 Mystical Chest Smoke Ball x 5
8 Cache Cube Deathstone x 1
9 Cache Cube 100001 Macca

B1: Hell's Hall

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Deathstone x 1
2 Mystical Chest Magic Incense x 1
3 Mystical Chest Strength Incense x 1
4 Mystical Chest Diamond x 3
5 Cache Cube 66666 Macca


Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Tetraja Rock x 1

Fourth Kalpa General Tips

Equip your team with Null Death

Beelzebub will use a special attack called Death Flies. This skill kills anyone without death immunity, including the Demi-fiend.

Equip Magatama that can Null either Light or Dark. Also, bring demons with immunities to either light or dark. Check out our Magatama list to know which ones have this resistance.

List of Magatama

Float Balls do not Negate Cursed Corridor Damage

The type of floor damage Cursed Corridors inflict cannot be prevented using float balls.

Instead, bring lots of HP Recvovery items and demons with appropriate healing spells like Mediarama and Diarama

Use Estoma Excessively

Estoma reduces the encounter rate until a new Kagutsuchi. Bring a demon with this skill and use it excessively especially when traversing cursed sections of the Kalpa.

High level demons roam these cursed halls, it would be unwise to combat them at any condition other than full.

How to Learn Estoma

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1 Anonymousover 2 years

FYI you DO NOT NEED DLC to fo the Kalpa levels. Currently doing this on normal. Dante is replaced with Raidu if you don't have the dlc


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