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How to Recruit Demons

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This is a guide to recruiting demons in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Switch, PS4, and Steam! Read on to learn how to recruit the different demons you encounter during your playthrough!

How to Recruit Demons

Talk to Them

To recruit demons, players must choose the option to talk to them during combat. Simply navigate to the Talk tab and use the conversation skill of the Demi-Fiend or any of his allied demons to start the dialogue.

How to Talk to Demons


If demons decide to talk to the Demi-Fiend or his party, negotiation can begin. Below are two general ways in which negotiations can occur.

Player Initiated

Player Negotiation

Player initiated negotiation occurs if a demon decides to talk back to the player. Once started, demons will usually ask for either items, Macca, or sometimes HP in exchange for their allegiance.

Refusing or accepting demands does not guarantee that the negotiation will fail or be successful. Sometimes, even with all demands met, the demon leaves or offers an item instead of their allegiance.

Demon Initiated

Demon Offering to Join

Sometimes, demons will be the ones to approach the player to negotiate. They will offer to join the player's party in exchange for something of value. Accepting their offer usually gets them to join your party.

Conditions are random, there are times when they'll immediately try to strike a conversation and some can even be initiated by beating them up!

Factors that Affect Recruitment

Demon Race

recruiting Will o Wisp

A demon's race determines whether they will talk to the Demi-Fiend or not. Remember, if they refuse to talk then recruitment cannot happen.

Some demon races, like Wilder or Foul races, do not usually talk to the player unless certain conditions are met. It is recommended that players check the race of the demon they are trying to recruit before trying to talk to them.

List of Demons and Races

Phases of Kagutsuchi

Phases of Kagutsuchi

The phases of the Kagutsuchi affect the attitude of demons toward the player. Different demon races will only talk during certain phases.

So, remember to keep the moon phases in mind when planning to recruit demons. Simply look at the top left corner of your screen to know the current Kagutsuchi phase.

Player Level

Demons will not be recruitable until the player has a higher level than them. Remember this before trying to recruit any new demons you might encounter. Use the Analyze skill first, to gauge the success of a desired recruitment.


Sometimes, enemy demons will interfere when you try to talk to their allies during combat. When this happens, the player's turn will immediately end!

To start negotiations, players will have to kill the demon that first interrupted the talk.

Skills that Affect Recruitment

Arbitration Soothes an angry demon.
Beseech Invite a demon to join.
Brainwash Invite a demon to join.
Charisma Raises negotiation success rate.
Dark Pledge Invite a demon to join. Best on a new Kagutsuchi.
Death Pact Invite a demon to join. Refusal means death.
Detain Prevents demon from making off with payment.
Flatter Persuades an indecisive demon.
Intimidate Persuades an indecisive demon.
Jive Talk Invite Foul/Haunt/Wilder demons to join.
Kidnap Invite a demon to join.
Kinspeak Persuades a demon of the same race.
Loan Borrow Macca. Beware of overuse...
Maiden Plea High chance of calming angry demon.
Mischief Invite a demon to join using sex appeal.
Nag Persuades an indecisive demon.
Scout Invite a demon to join.
Seduce Invite a demon to join.
Soul Recruit Invite a demon to join in Odin's name.
Wine Party Fixes negotiation trouble with the power of liquor.
Wooing Invite a demon to join.

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