Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne (SMT Nocturne)

List of Miscellaneous Skills

This is a list of all Miscellaneous Skills in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch. PS4, and Steam. Read on to see a list of all Miscellaneous Skills in the game and their effects!

List of Miscellaneous Skills Skills

Analyze Displays an enemy's info.
Arbitration Soothes an angry demon.
Beckon Call Summons a random ally to battle.
Begging Ask for Macca and items.
Beseech Invite a demon to join.
Brainwash Invite a demon to join.
Dark Pledge Invite a demon to join. Best on a new Kagutsuchi.
Death Pact Invite a demon to join. Refusal means death.
Detain Prevents demon from making off with payment.
Estoma Reduces encounter rate of low-level demons until a new Kagutsuchi.
Flatter Persuades an indecisive demon.
Haggle Gets demon to lower price.
Intimidate Persuades an indecisive demon.
Jive Talk Invite Foul/Haunt/Wilder demons to join.
Kidnap Invite a demon to join.
Kinspeak Persuades a demon of the same race.
Liftoma Negates floor damage untitl a new Kagutsuchi.
Lightoma Lights up dark areas until a new Kagutsuchi.
Loan Borrow Macca. Beware of overuse...
Maiden Plea High chance of calming angry demon.
Mana Refill Recover MP gradually while moving. Must be in the active party.
Mischief Invite a demon to join using sex appeal.
Nag Persuades an indecisive demon.
Persuade Persuades an indecisive demon.
Plead Ask for Macca and items.
Riberama Raises encounter rate until a new Kagutsuchi.
Scout Invite a demon to join.
Seduce Invite a demon to join.
Soul Recruit Invite a demon to join in Odin's name.
Stone Hunt Ask for various types of gems
Threaten Ask for Macca and items.
Trade Ask to trade items.
Trafuri Escape from most battles without fail.
Wine Party Fixes negotiation trouble with the power of liquor.
Wooing Invite a demon to join.

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