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Second Kalpa Walkthrough and Item Locations

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This is a walkthrough for the Second Kalpa in Shin Megami Tensei III HD Remaster (SMT Nocturne) for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Steam. Here you'll find a guide on how to complete this area, general tips, and a list of items that can be found.

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First Kalpa Walkthrough Third Kalpa Walkthrough

How to Unlock Second Kalpa

DLC Only Content

You will only be able to access this content if you are playing the Chronicle or Maniax version of the game.

List of DLC and Pricing

Accessible after defeating Daisoujou and Hell Biker

Only after defeating Daisoujou in Ikebukuro, and Hell Biker in the highway south of Ikebukuro, will you be able to access the Second Kalpa in the Labyrinth of Amala.

Once you have retrieved Daisoujou's Menorah of Eternity and Hell Biker's Menorah of Dignity, head back to the Labyrinth of Amala. Go down the First Kalpa and use the hole to jump down to the Second Kalpa.

Boss Fight Guides
daisoujou partial.pngDaisoujou hell biker partial.pngHell Biker

Second Kalpa Maps

Second Kalpa


Second Kalpa Walkthrough

First Kalpa

1 Take this ladder down from the First Kalpa 1F.
2 Keep following the corridors and heading down until you reach the peephole area. Go through the door behind it.
3 Jump down the hole. Prepare for another mini-game as you fall.
4 After falling down for a bit, you'll arrive at the entrance of the 2nd Kalpa.

Second Kalpa

1 You'll now see two pedestals upon landing. Place the Menorah of Eternity and Dignity on them.
2 A door behind the pedestals will open. Head through it.
3 Follow the hallway down this new area and head through the far door.
4 There should now be a pit in front of you, with a demon to its left. Jump down the pit to reach B1.
5 After landing, take a right turn until you reach the two doors. The southern door is locked. Go through the northern door.
Follow this path from the northern door, until you reach the drop-down pit. Drop down to reach B2.
7 You will land in a room with a one-way door. Go through it.
8 When you exit, immediately look to your left. Use the drop-down you see to reach B3.
This is a room with invisible walls. You can use the above map to nagivate on your own or refer to our video guide down below.
First, navigate to the eastern door of this large room. Inside you will find the Moon Key behind an invisible wall. Pick it up to unlock shortcuts and doors in this Kalpa.
Next, head back into the maze room and navigate your way to the northern door.
12 Once inside the northern door, turn right and head up the ladder to B2.
13 Follow the corridor and exit through the one-way door. This is the room you first dropped down in. Exit its one-way door again.
14 Upon exit, look right and go to the door straight ahead. Use the ladder inside to head up to B1.
From (A), follow the path to this next drop-down pit (B) and use it to go down to B2 (you'll know it's the right pit if the wall behind it is like the invisible wall design).
16 Upon landing, look behind you. There should be a locked silver door. Use your newly acquired Moon Key to open it and head inside.
17 Follow the hall until you arrive at another drop-down pit. Drop down to reach B3.
18 When you land, follow the hallway in front of you and go down the ladder. This takes you to B4.
19 Follow the hallway down again, and enter through the door. There should be a new peephole to interact with in front of you.
20 After the peephole cutscene, the door to the Third Kalpa will open.
21 Go through the door and down the new hole (an Arahabaki demon will be stood next to it). Prepare for another mini-game.
22 Go to the pedestal area to trigger a new cutscene with the next Menorah bosses.
Note: You need to do this step for them to show up in the Vortex World.

Invisible Wall Maze Video Walkthrough

Remember to face north to orient yourself with the video's steps.

Cursed Corridor (Optional)

1 The entrance to the Cursed Corridor can be found here. Once inside this room, use the ladder to go down to B2.
2 Follow the winding path of the Cursed Corridor. Only go through these marked doors unless you want to be sent to a previous section of the corridor.
3 Once you reach the center of the Corridor, use the ladder to go down.
4 Talk to the demon in the room. He will reward you with 250,000 Macca.
5 Use the ladder to go back up to the Cursed Corridor.
6 Now use the following doors for a quick escape.

Second Kalpa NPCs

1 Shady Broker
2 Souls Offering Rest
3 Shady Surgeon

Shady Broker

Shady Broker

The Shady Broker in the 2nd Kalpa will sell a demon to players for 30,000 Macca.

Players will get a Nue with amazing Recovery Skills like Mana Refill, Prayer, and a lot of anti-debuff spells.

Nue Skills and Stats

Two Souls Offering Rest

Two Souls Offering Rest

These two souls will offer the Demi-fiend a chance to rest up and heal. While they will heal your party, players will be teleported back to the dungeon entrance with a few more of their Macca missing.

Shady Surgeon

Shady Surgeon

The Shady Surgeon will heal players but for a steep price: 2,000 Macca for a heal.

Second Kalpa Obtainable Items

Second Kalpa B1

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Smoke Ball x1
2 Cache Cube Magic Mirror x1
3 Cache Cube Tetraja Rock x1
4 Mystical Chest Bead Chain x1
5 Cache Cube Bead x1
6 Cache Cube Dekaja Rock x1

Second Kalpa B2

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Repulse Bell x1
2 Mystical Chest Agility Incense x1
3 Cache Cube Deathstone x1

Second Kalpa B3

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Deathstone x1
2 Cache Cube Chakra Pot x1
3 Mystical Chest Soma x1

Second Kalpa B4

Obtained from Items
1 Cache Cube Moon Key x 1

Second Kalpa General Tips

Bring HP Recovery Items and Healers

With the amount of winding corridors, dead ends, and the room with invisible walls, players will find themselves quite stuck here for a longer time than the First Kalpa.

HP Recovery items are essential when exploring this dungeon.

Bring a Demon with Estoma

The Estoma skill reduces demonic encounters until a new Kagutsuchi phase. Use this skill especially when traversing the Cursed Corridor as demonic encounters are nuisance in such a convoluted dungeon.

How to Learn Estoma

Float Balls do not Negate Cursed Corridor Floor Damage

The Cursed Corridor is indeed cursed. Float balls do not work here, essentially having the player take all the floor damage ticks until they reach the center of the room.

Use Macca beforehand to buy HP Recovery items, instead.

Cursed Corridor Damage Calculation

Each tick of floor damage inside the corridor will always take 1/2 of your remaining HP. Any damage taken after reaching 1 HP will be zero. Note, this damage is brought down to 1/4 when playing on Merciful.

While you cannot die inside the Cursed Corridor, you and your party will always be vulnerable to combat encounters. Use Estoma and healing spells to increase your odds of survival.

Flee Battles When You Can

Sometimes, taking damage isn't worth it to get from point A to point B. Remember, HP Recovery items are finite. Plan your battles accordingly.

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